Jonas Reinhardt
 Jonas Reinhardt | Saturday, February 27, 8pm

Jonas Reinhardt, Late Young, Bronze, and Warm Leatherette  

 Jonas Reinhardt

Saturday, February 27, 2010
8:00 p.m. Doors at 7:30 p.m.
$6 admission at the door or FREE with membership

All ages booking collective Anaphylactic presents a night of music to celebrate the release of Jonas Reinhardt's Powers of Audition on Kranky.

Jonas Reinhardt continues his cosmic flight inward on this latest release. The instrumentation from his debut album expands here to include acoustic drum patterns, guitars, and woodwinds alongside synthesizers and electronics. Together, these voices seamlessly twist and meld into a singular aural journey. This is music of the spheres for an electronic era where new age visions are re-imagined through a lens of experimental rock.

Late Young exist as a vessel prodding the laws (or freedoms) available to the traditional holy trinity of guitar, bass, and drums. With an interest to bridge the not so distant gaps between all sounds vast, heavy, propulsive, ambient, and otherwise, the San Francisco trio asks what "pop" or "power trio" or "mind trip" may or may not mean. Hailing the triumph of being alive each day, turning the astral mack to 11, and taking the power back, the vibe is empowerment. If anchors are your sort of thing, some inspiration: Evening Star, Karp S/T, Ride EPs, Lesson No.1, and Symphonies.

Bronze brings to mind late '80s / early '90s Factory records and the psychedelic techno haze that followed. Soaring over a repetitive base of electronic loops, Rob Spector's vocals are sometimes chant-like echoes of Nico's last sighs before wandering off forever. An engaging, sometimes hypnotizing performance: Bronze is a special treat in a gallery setting.

Digger nerds Nary Guman and Inqilab have been bringing the synth wave to the WestAdd at the fabulous and free Warm Leatherette parties. Addictions: analog electronic nuggets, sequenced arpeggios, cheap drum machine disco, moments of minimal majesty.

Jonas Reinhardt