Featuring Donelle Estey, Mandy Greer, Tim Jag, Daniel Ross and Tara Tucker

Curated by Lauren Davies

January 13 - February 11
Opening Reception: Friday, January 13th, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays-Saturdays, 1-6 PM

Fabulandia is The Lab's two-part exploration into the world of the future, the domain of the impossible and the fantastical. Fauna features the work of five artists envisioning the drastically altered creatures that will populate the terrain of Fabulandia. Fauna fast-forwards viewers into a shadow land where endangered wildlife has been conveniently removed and replaced by new and improved versions. Extravagantly fabricated trophies will be the only surviving memory of the natural world and its wildlife as it once existed. Just think of it - new strains of hybrid mutations will exist simply for human convenience. Plants and animals will be co-joined as tiny deer sprout massive antlers made from brightly colored coral and double-headed sheep graze contentedly in bucolic fields of endlessly blooming daisies. Envision a hyper-efficient future when industry will have finally created a seamless biotech blend of animals, machinery and furniture. Covered in your choice of synthetic faux fur... naturally. Press release