Tuesday, May 16: Doors open at 6:45 PM, Performance at 7 PM
Wednesday, May 17— Sunday, May 21: Doors open at 7:30 PM, Performances at 8PM
$7-$15 sliding scale admission
Call 415-864-8855 for advance reservations

The Mission Creek Music Festival’s Collision series is back at The LAB for the second year in a row, highlighting cross-disciplinary performance, which has been a staple of The LAB’s artistic tradition. Collision marks a departure in programming for the celebrated indie music series--defined by the spirit of collaboration, Collision showcases local and international music acts collaborating with artists working in mediums such as video, film, dance, theater, and media arts. The results are sure to challenge, stimulate, and surprise all audiences seeking the latest in experimental music and performance. See www.mcmf.org for more information. Tuesday, May 16: Jorge Boehringer curates this line-up which juxtaposes art installations with music performance. Participating artists include Jacqueline Gordon, Albert Ortega, Hans Grusel, Amy Friebertshauser, Kristin Miltner, Mark Bartscher, and Rubber O Cement. Sounds by XOME vs Tralphaz, Hans Grusel's Krankencabnet, Yasi Perata (Syrinx), BULBS, T/R, and Core of the CoalMan.

Wednesday, May 17: Video artist and musician Michael Palmieri will present the first public screening of his latest Strokes video in its uncensored, pre-MTV entirety and host a round table discussion about the state of the music video today with an eclectic panel of San Franciscans including Kevin Killian, Kota Ezawa , and others.

Thursday, May 18: Improvisational sound art performances curated by Misanthropic Agenda label head Gerritt Wittmer . Extreme sounds for the adventurous, with John Wiese (Sissy Spacek, SunnO))), Bastard Noise), Gerritt (Yellow Swans, SunnO))), Ginnungagap collaborator), Sixes/Dave Ed (Crash Worship, Physics, Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot), and Bran...Pos (Tarantism).

Friday, May 19: Sounds of evil will enter The LAB with the death metal folk of Nate Denver, the scary noise antics of Gang Wizard, a child possessed in Evil Kid Warrior, the sonic bludgeoning of Skullcaster, and the disturbing storytelling of Jessica Rylan/Can't .

Saturday, May 20: One of the most eclectic nights of the festival will begin with Weasel Walter and his quartet playing high energy improvisation. Ettrick will follow with free jazz death metal, accompanied by Moe Staiano 's projections and percussion. Utilizing tape loops of found sound to augment their basic guitar-saxophone foundation, Jackie O Motherfucker will perform an improvisational psychedelic folk noise jam. Tussle will end the evening with their funk/punk instrumentals laden with mono synth hums and percussive scuffling to create fragmented rhythms.

Sunday, May 21: This program focuses on collaboration, experimental electronic music, and visual/sound installation, with Nullspace mixing ambient electronics with video projections, The Deletist with her spooky cinematic electro-acoustic lullabies, and Neighborhood Bass Coalition vs Bioflava's multi-media experimental pop and noise performance ensemble. Soundshack turns their cardboard sound installations into an interactive performance piece to create an atmosphere of welcoming sonic experience. The nomadic public art installation group Illuminated Corridor will combine their performative film projections with live music adjacent to The LAB on Capp Street.

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