New Fiction by Elizabeth Block, Lucy Corin, and Lidia Yuknavitch

Thursday, August 17, 7 - 9 PM
$5 - $15 sliding scale admission
Call 415-864-8855 for advance reservations

The Lab presents Fresh Off the Chopping Block, performances that explore mutant forms of fiction in a live context. Three writers, Elizabeth Block, Lucy Corin and Lidia Yuknavitch, known for their unconventional narratives, restore the boundaries of what constitutes the pleasurable, the tolerable, and the acceptable in writing and storytelling. Using ideas and tales of the fractured, the deformed, the dangled, the obsessive, the fast-talking, the filmed, the visual, the psycho-analytic, the media-saturated, the painted, the gasped, the voyeuristic, and the linguistically traveled, these storytellers present their latest fictions’ phantom limbs—spoken literature fresh off the chopping block.

This event is supported by Poets & Writers, Inc. through a grant recieved from the Hearst Foundation.