Crank EnsembleThursday, August 24, 7 - 9 PM
$7 - $15 sliding scale admission

Call 415-864-8855 for advance reservations

The Crank Ensemble is a San Francisco-based performance group whose musicians are able to create rhythmic and repetitive patterns by using handmade crank-operated machines. The instruments are constructed by artist Larnie Fox; each have a mounted piezo (contact microphone) to amplify their sound. The ensemble of cranks creates layers of sound, resulting in a range of a sparse new-music style "plinking" to melodic loopiness and hardcore noise. The Crank Ensemble has performed in numerous local spaces such as the Luggage Store and the Hemlock Tavern.

Targodie is an experimental sound project that began in 1995 by San Francisco sound artist Scot Jenerik and bamboo/electronics parts sculptor Larnie Fox. Fox sends signals from his kinetic sculptures to Jenerik, who interprets, manipulates and transforms these sounds through the space. The “soundscapes” range from atmospheric bliss to penetrating noise, similar to an aggressive and percussive Zoviet France.