An evening of experimental electronics, blackened noise, performance, and analog synths. In support of Pedestrian Deposit's U.S. tour for their new album 'Kithless' out on Arbor, which has been in development for over the last three years.

The music of Jon Borges and Shannon Kennedy of Pedestrian Deposit could best be described as highly composed, focused and dynamic, experimental music that draws on their widely varying music talents. From Borges's interest in such areas as electronics, tape loops, field recording, and synths, to Shannon's use of classical instruments, contact mics and manipulated metal objects, the duo combine elements of musique concrete, ambient, drone, classical and harsh noise. Borges began Pedestrian Deposit in the Winter of 2000, with the concept of combining layers of electronic sound with no pre-determined relation to one another until mixed. The project slowly evolved to incorporate elements of harsh noise, tape collage, field recordings and glitch, resulting in a prolific few years of rich and dynamic compositions on such labels as Hospital Productions, Hanson Records, and Jon's own label, Monorail Trespassing, to name a few. After a few years hiatus, Pedestrian Deposit returned in the fall of 2008 with the addition of multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Shannon Kennedy, and her elements of cello, violin and amplified, bowed and manipulated objects.


Gerritt Wittmer is a sound and performance artist based in Oakland, California. His work often articulates abstract narratives through vocal expression, body performance, and intense theatrical lighting. He has performed and recorded as Gerritt, Ginnungagap (with Stephen O'Malley and Tim Wyskida), Deathroes (with Sixes), and has performed and/or collaborated on projects with Sunn O))), Sissy Spacek, John Wiese, and Paul Knowles. He also directs the publishing house Misanthropic Agenda.



Sutekh Hexen

Brandon Nickell currently resides and operates the Isounderscore record label in San Francisco’s Mission District where he records and performs uncompromising noise, experimental, and electronic music. Nickell has recorded under the computer-based electronic music and noise Aemae project since 2002 which was characterized by brutal synth-based noise yet highly detailed compositions that exhibit formant-based frequencies as well as other uncommon synthesis-based techniques.

Now recording and performing under his own name, Nickell released the critically-acclaimed full-length album “And If You Set This Mind Of Mine Afire Then On My Bloodstream I Yet Will Carry You” in 2010 as well as "The World Is A Refuge From Perfection" in the spring of 2011 on Monorail Trespassing in Los Angeles. Most recently he contributed a remix for Mexico witch house artist Ritualz for his digital-only single "Ghetto Ass Witch" alongside artists such as Unison, Burial Hex, Blissed Out and Funerals. Chicago's Third Sex also released Nickell's "Synthbanger One" in 2011 based around current live work with analog synthesizers and drum machines.