Sunday, June 10, 2012
8:30 pm
$7 - $15 Sliding Scale


Bee Mask is a project of Chris Madak, a native of Cleveland, Ohio now residing in Philadelphia and one among a generation of artists busily reimagining the varied histories of electronic music. Over the course of seven years and thirty-plus limited edition releases, Bee Mask has articulated an intricately wrought and deeply warped sensibility that draws equally on the ecstatic human/machine couplings of 1970s west coast synthesis, the fractured gloss of sampler concrète, the iridescent thumbprint of High Minimalism on the IQ-decimating throb of trunk bass, and the barely-sublimated currents of vertigo and terror that course beneath the finest and most unsettling moments in the canon of home-recorded psychedelia. His most recent work, "Elegy for Beach Friday," is available on the Spectrum Spools imprint of Editions Mego.


Headboggle is the manifestation of Derek Gedalecia's acoustic/electronic research utilizing the "kitchen sink" in every sense of the idiom: Moogs, Harmonica, Banjo, Harpsichord, Irish Harp, EMS Synthi, Violin, Drums, Clavinet, Serge Modular, field recordings and more! What makes Headboggle so special is the careful arrangement of sound, with painstaking attention to composition and sound direction. Disorienting magic is a key trait of the Head Boggle sound, one which captivates and commands repeated inspection. -

Group Rhoda

Group Rhoda is a solo project from San Francisco. It is an attempt at dealing with opposition, sharpening intuition, following instincts and turning ideas into actions. It exists under the influence of repetition, bad habits, fear, machines of decades past, the tropics, transient sounds, hazy recollections, light, color, the desolate worlds around me and the spaces that are quieted from social noise. It is an effort to negate the sound of safety, control, wastefulness, weak mirroring, transparent shadowing and follow a path reflective of my own fabricated inner environment and imagination.


Nihar (Warm Leatherette/Haçeteria)