Wednesday, June 13, 2012

8:30 pm

$7 - $15 Sliding Scale


 The Tenses with Giggles:
--Ju Suk Reet Meate- Founding Smegma and core LAFMS member since 1973. Lap Steel Guitar, Pocket Trumpet , Electronics, Toys, etc.
--Oblivia  ( Rock and Roll Jackie) Smegma Member Since 1981.
Record Player, Electronics, Toys, ect.

In 2008 we began a new Live Act using Musical Concepts developed with Smegma. The Tenses are a more intimate " Live " experiment, that is GREATLY INFLUENCED by the room/audeance "feel".  Images that reflect our influences and creative patterns are projected on/behind us. Our creative  intent is only one aspect.  We Attempt to collaborate in" The Moment ". The Tenses have preformed successfully in Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Cork, London, Brighton, and Paris so far.

" had a complete show that went the distance without flagging. Oblivia turntabling a variety of musics – at one point hillbilly guitar and violin hee-hawed through – as Ju Ju Suk alternated free jazz spluttering lines on his horn with slide guitar figures that evoked the blues, country and rock and roll. Hard to describe how all this fitted together but it did – maybe an object lesson in how Keat's 'Negative Capability' - 'I mean Negative Capability, that is when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact and reason' meets Ornette's harmolodics, where disparate lines create enough space to both accept incongruities and resolve them on other levels. Mind-blowing, as we used to say"  - from Brighton, UK's Colour Out Of Space Festival 2009


Colour Buk



Charm & Strange




Orbless is the solo sonic output of Oakland-based artist Collin McKelvey. For the past two years, McKelvey has been exploring sound based in research of acoustic phenomenology, micro tuning and resonant harmonics. Utilizing analog and digital modes of synthesis, phonography and found sound, Orbless creates subtle interwoven textural pieces that slowly reveal themselves forming out of atmospheric buzzing. McKelvey recently debuted a new piece "Composition for Synthesizer, Voice and Ice" at the Berkeley Museum of Art. Presented in 4.1 sound, the composition was created as a response to the Paul Kos piece "The Sound of Ice Melting" (1970) which was on display at the museum as part of the exhibition "State of Mind: New California Art Since 1970".



DJ Loachfillet