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Sunday, May 20, 2012
Noon. Doors at 11:30 a.m.
$5 - $10 sliding scale or FREE with membership

Join us for an afternoon of savage and transcendent performance unlike any other. Vegan Nazarabadi Peanut Butter Flapjacks (served with syrup or jam) included!!



David Molina frequently records or performs live music for performance artist Violeta Luna. His recent multimedia works presented at SOMARTS, in San Francisco, CA:
Memory Web, an original instrument and interactive sound/video installation at Get Lucky: the Culture of Chance;  and Found a live score performed by his band Transient to the 16mm film loops of Anna Geyer at Night Light, a multimedia event. Molina also produces scores for video/film; he and Chris Webb won a 2009 L.A. Ovation Award for their music and sound design to Lydia at CTG's Mark Taper Forum. He was a founding member of the interdisciplinary troupe Secos Y Mojados who are Creative Capital grantees. Molina's music and other band Ghosts and Strings are available on Resting Bell (Berlin), Dorog Records (Peru), Black Note Music (USA). Memory Web will be presented again at the Art Makers Faire at Fort Mason from May 16 to 20.




When utilising devices not designed for ˜conventional sound generation," interesting results can, and quite often do, emerge. Antimatter aka Xopher Davidson offers up 11 studies in what could be described as "non-linear sound composition", using signal generators, test equipment and an analogue computer (whatever that is) as a modular synthesizer of sorts, creating washes, fades and blasts of white noise in a symphony of electronic pulses, rumbling tones and dense oscillations. - Nick Giles


Critical Monkey

Critical Monkey is the sound project of robi kauker for exploring worlds of noise and emotion. elements of found, created, generated and degenerate sound are stitched together for the engagement of the contemporary primate. building upon the noise of the detached social structural collapse, a devolution of the instinctive melodies and rhythms emerge to satisfy the simian soul.

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Waxy Tomb