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Sunday, March 25, 2012
Noon. Doors at 11:30 a.m.
$5 - $10 sliding scale or FREE with membership

Join us for an afternoon of savage and transcendent performance unlike any other.

This month the Godwaffle Noise Pancake's show will be featuring "vegan orange flavored beer blamcakes"!!



Ma++ Ingalls Reviled for his "shapeless sonic tinkering" by the Los Angeles Times, Oakland musician Matt Ingalls is a composer, clarinetist, concert producer, and computer music programmer. Often incorporating elements of improvisation, his music is heavily influence by his long involvement in computer music. His composerly solo improvisations explore extended clarinet techniques that interact with the acoustic space, often as combination tones. Matt is the founder and co-director of sfSound, a new music series, ensemble, and internet radio station devoted to new ideas and traditions of experimental music, performance art, live electronic music, Bay Area composition, and the various facets of contemporary improvisation.


Styrofoam Sanchez


Ear Spray

Carlos Jennings is very intrigued by sound as a way of expanding consciousness and healing. He has been interested in “weird” music for a long time and played bass and keyboards in an original rock band during the 1990s and Now he is totally obsessed by the science and art of synthesis.
Ann O’Rourke plays with one drum and one cymbal, using an iPad, contact mics, and effects. She also provides strange vocals.
Laurie Benafe is a new addition to the group and will be doing dance/movement.