Sunday, January 8, 2012
$6-12 sliding scale

MV Carbon
Andy Ortmann
HeadGrusel HansBoggle

MV Carbon is a Brooklyn-based musician and artist. Her solo work frequently involves tape machines, voice, cello, analog synthesizers, and field recordings, along with hand-built electronics and instruments. She has recently developed new work that taps into electromagnetism and color frequency. Carbon has performed nationally and internationally with her solo work, as well as in collaborations with Metalux and with artists including Aki Onda, Tony Conrad, Evan Parker, John Wiese, C Spencer Yeh, John Edwards, Culver (Skullflower), Okkyung Lee, Nick Zinner, Brian Chase, and Carlos Giffoni. She is currently working on a composition for The String Orchestra of Brooklyn that will be performed in Brooklyn, March 2012, at St Anne's Church.

Her work has been exhibited at galleries including the Butcher Shop (Chicago), D'Amelio Terras (NYC), Heliopolis (NYC), Louis V.E.S.P. (NYC), MCCaigwelles Gallery (NYC), Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PGH), Three Rivers Arts Festival (PGH),  and West Nile (NYC). She has performed musically in a surplus of spaces including Arnolfi (UK), Issue Project Room (NYC), Kulturbolaget (Sweden), Lehman Maupin Gallery (NYC), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), the Guggenheim BMW Lab (NYC), Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), PS1 Contemporary Art (NYC), Roulette (NYC), The Sage (UK), The Stone (NYC), the Tate Modern (UK), and Tesla (Berlin). Her solo release, The Dislodged Perihelion, (LP) was just released in fall 2011 as a limited edition. Releases with Metalux on 5RC, LOAD Records, Veglia, Hanson, and No Fun Productions.


Andy Ortmann has been active in the Experimental Music scene since 1990, releasing his brand of experimental music on labels spanning Argentina, Canada, Germany, Japan, England, Italy, France, as well as his own Nihilist label.
There has been acute detail paid to the influences of early Musique concrète, experimental/noise, Fluxus/Aktionism in Ortmann's work. He has also been awarded several Arts Grants funding conceptual/technical projects ranging from a 7.1 Surround Sound DVD (comprised of Life Recordings made during a 2006 Western European tour) to a Gallery performance involving four motorcycles and four synthesizers arranged in a Quadraphonic configuration, recorded for and end resultant Quadraphonic LP.
Ortmann is working on his MFA at SAIC, currently focusing on Analog Video Synthesis and Interactive Installation. In addition, Ortmann is the host of the Experimental Music program "The Eternal Now" on WFMU.


Alter/Break is the solo performance name of Nathaniel Murphy utilizing homemade modular synthesizers and electronics. Active musically since the early 90's, he has performed in various groups including Lazer Crystal, Loft, Mommy Won't Wake Up, and Oni Gozen across the US and abroad. He was a member of the live/work/performance space Camp Gay in Chicago, IL which hosted contemporary art and performance by Paper Rad, Beige Collective, Tyondai Braxton, Pod Blotz, Panicsville, Justice Yeldham, Vertonen, Parts and Labor, Friends Forever, and many others. His installation and video work have been shown in such venues as MassMOCA, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, The Riviera, and The Kitchen.
For this performance he will be playing to a video by artist Sean Schuster-Craig aka Jib Kidder.


HeadGrusel HansBoggle