Saturday, December 10, 2011
8 pm - 11 pm
$7 - $15 sliding scale






Droneshift is a large scale collaborative drone music event organized each year by Matt Davignon. Over 40 musicians will gather to contribute to a continuous three-hour sound, each adding their acoustic or electronic elements here and there, weaving their sounds together to create gradually shifting tapestries of music. The performance will continuously evolve from completely acoustic music to electric ambiance to post-industrial noise, with many mesmerizing points in between.

Participants include:
Laurie Amat - Voice
Jorge Bachmann - Electronics
CJ Borosque - Trumpet
Chris Broderick - Bulbul, Khaens & Clarinet
Laurie Buenafe Krsmanovic - Voice & Electronics
Diane Caudillo - Voice & Clarinet
Matt Davignon - Glass Instruments & Synth
Thomas Dimuzio - Moog Guitar
Todd Elliott - Eigenharp Tau controller
Jeff Hobbs - Alto Clarinet & Violin
Bill Hsu - Electronics
Andrew Joron - Theremin
Gretchen Jude - Laptop & Melodica
Sebastian Krawczuk - Bass
J. Lee - Tamboura
Jon Leidecker - Electronics
Bill Leikam - Conch
David Leikam - Moog
Cheryl Leonard - Viola
Brian Lucas - Bass Guitar
Bob Marsh - Voice
Joe McMahon - Spiral Didgeridoo & Ipad
Suki O'Kane - Shruti Box & Accordian
Ann O'Rourke - Voice
Ferrara Brain Pan - Bass Clarinet
Tim Perkis - Synth & Electric Razor
Rent Romus - Sax & Electronics
Jim Ryan - Morpho Analogue Synthesizer
Edward Schocker - Sho
Mark Soden - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Moe! Staiano - Cymbal
Daniel Steffey - Oscillator & Radio Feedback
Thom Tamayo - Flutes, Waterphone & Voice
Ure Thrall - Voice & Electronics
Benjamin Tinker - Synth & Chord Organ
Mark Wilson - Voice & Electronics
Michael Zelner - iPod Touch and analog monosynth


If you'd like to participate in Droneshift, write to Matt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.