November 4, 2011
7:00 pm to 9:30pm
Free. Donations to the The Lab are welcome.


7:00 pm doors open
7:00 pm - 8:30pm workshop sessions
8:30pm collective solar bot symphony


On November 4, 2011, the Bay Area Science Festival Bay Area Science Festival presents the first ever Science Crawl, a coordinated takeover of venues throughout San Francisco’s Mission District, showcasing the science inherent in the neighborhood. The Crawl includes events on Beer Science, Science of Tattoos, Speed Dating for Nerds, and even samplings of Speakeasy’s special science festival brew at many crawl locations. It’s going to be a hella scientific night in the Mission! Adults Only!

swissnex teams up with BASF and with the Mission’s long-running independent art space The Lab to offer a hands-on stop on the Crawl, one where participants will be able to build their own solar-powered sound-emitting bots and take part in an impromptu sound performance while enjoying refreshments.  

Join San Francisco-based Swiss sound artist Jorge Bachmann, aka ruidobello, as he leads a workshop based on German sound explorer Ralf Schreiber’s SolarSoundModule. Participants can build their own unique miniature solar animabots, which chirp away like birds and insects with sound patterns that vary depending on the degree to which light touches their photovoltaic cells. Ruidobello then directs participants in a collective, improvised solar bot symphony.


Jorge Bachmann












Jorge Bachmann
Jorge Bachmann, aka ruidobello, is a photo-based, multimedia and sound artist. He has collected field recordings exploring the strange, unique, and microcosmic sounds of everyday life. He creates sound atmospheres meant for deep listening and often composed in symbiosis with the sculptural installations exploring social and sensual constructs and experiences. As ruidobello, Bachmann has exhibited and performed in North America, Europe, Japan, and South America – including appearances at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival and projects with the MoBu Dance Group. He has also been the Technical Director and Resident Artist of San Francisco’s Soundwave Festival since 2005.