Fluctuating images (Stuttgart) at The LAB

A video screening curated by Heike Liss and Nomi Talisman 

Wednesday, January 31, 2007, 7-9 PM
$5-$10 sliding scale admission

Media flow. videoventure on electronic music is a series originally organized and curated by Cornelia and Holger Lund from the German gallery Fluctuating Images (Stuttgart), dedicated to visual music as a phenomenon of contemporary artistic production. In May 2005 Heike Liss and Nomi Talisman showed their favorite works from Parts I &II of the series at The LAB. Now these two Bay Area artists and curators are back with selections from Parts III & IV, and will present them in a screening program at The LAB. For more information on the original series, visit http://www.fluctuating-images.de .

The Cross Currents series brings works of Bay Area video artists to Europe and in return presents work from European video artists in the Bay Area. So far the series has been screened at Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain (Strasbourg), Fluctuating Images (Stuttgart) and The LAB (San Francisco). Liss and Talisman are currently curating Cross Currents 4, a program of dance music videos from the Bay Area.