Bedbug Strategies (Thom Blum and Charles Kremenak) --------XDUGEF (los angeles)---------Ecomorti (Portland)------------Dominique Leone---------Striations

Sunday, August 28, 2011
Noon. Doors at 11:30 a.m.
$5 - $10 sliding scale or FREE with membership 

Join us for an afternoon of savage and transcendent performance unlike any other. Vegan pancakes included.

Bedbug Strategies (ongoing) takes multiple forms, from planned live performances to guerilla soundworks, as well as spontaneous moving or static image projections. It is a daily expression and interpretation of the human condition in the United States of America, 2011.

program note:
steeped in beats of stockhausen and snoop dogg,
bedbug strategies'll wash yo ho ass bitch ears
with some tea that licks the funky momente.
fuck dat....

(This episode of Bedbug Strategies is a collaboration of Thom Blum and Charles Kremenak.)

Charles Kremenak is a musician/sound-artist living in San Francisco.  He works in local government doing television and he daydreams of retiring to Mars.  He enjoys collecting sounds amidst his travels and coaxing them speak to one another.  Occasionally he's happy when the sounds learn to sing.  

Thomas L(ucky) Blum was born in Columbus, Ohio USA in 1954. Drawn first to the ukelele at the age of four, he graduated to classical guitar which he studied from ages 6 to 16. On the road, literally, to a professional concert career he experienced what some might call a spiritual awakening. This occurred on a hot and humid Midwestern afternoon in the Summer of 1970, when he found himself utterly transfixed by the cataclysmic explosion of sound that engulfed him, as a building marked for demolition unexpectedly collapsed at exactly the moment he walked past it. The sound went on forever, as if it was being subjected to a process that dramatically slowed its evolution and expanded its frequency range. Within the massive slow-motion sounds were countless, yet distinct , strata or planes, some subsonic, continuous and felt, rather heard, while others were extremely high-pitched, particulate and crackling. It was this singular and prolonged moment that transformed his concept of music, and he consequently abandoned the classical guitar forever.


In 1977 Blum was commissioned by the Minnesota-based Esther Harges Foundation for Public Art Works to compose Conduction Sites III, a simultaneous performance in three cities, for conductor-foremans and construction sites. In 1984 Blum's work Dodge 'em, for 25 car horn players and random innocent bystanders, was performed in the underground parking lot at San Francisco's Union Square. The piece received honorary mention by the San Francisco chapter of NIPLS (the National Institute of Parking Lot Safety), during their annual “Arts Squared” Festival. His composition Honk If You Like Fridays (and It Is One), began spontaneously at 13:13, Friday, September 13, 1985 while driving through Marin County's Waldo Tunnel. This composition has become a time-honored tradition that continues today (if it happens to be a Friday).

Works-in-progress include Come Lie With Me, for pathological liar on sodium pentathol, seven members of the San Francisco Sex Workers Union, and viola da gamba (scheduled for Winter, 2013), and Public Excess Systems, which will spontaneously commandeer the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) public address system and simulcast transmissions over the World Wide Web (scheduled for Summer 2015).

Xdugef is a Los Angeles based power electronics and harsh noise act that has been operating since late 2004. The project evolved from an interest in circuit bending, sociopolitical commentary and a background in performance art. Xdugef is currently working on tracks for his next recorded audio attack called FULL RELEASE.

Dominique Leone of Gruesome Energy will be performing a solo project. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR FUCKING A STRANGER IN THE ASS!


Starting off playing grindcore music from 2003-2010 in various acts such as Brutal Death, Postmortem Vomit, Emesis, and Strains of The Apocalypse; Mike Finklea stopped playing guitar in July 2010, and has been fully dedicated to crafting his blend of physically damaging, hard natured performance art and Industrial electronics ever since. As a noise musician, his stated influences are: Industrial accidents, war, nuclear weapons, biological warfare, murder, The Killing Of America (documentary), factories, grime, broken pieces of metal and glass, junkyards, power tools, public sheep hoards, cars, trucks and trains, slaughterhouses, Blood, and used condoms. Dead animals. Gore websites. Color atlas of forensic pathology. The crime scene cleaners on Myrtle Street in Oakland, Ca.