Laura ZuspanOpening: August 12,  7 - 10pm
Exhibition Runs: August 13 - 27, 2011
Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 1 - 6pm

* Note: Sunday August 14th  acupuncture with Laura Zuspan has been cancelled due to a family emergency.

Eco Sexy is a playfully dark video and installation that reconstructs the period Laura Zuspan spent living with a giant rag doll named Dolly and their bizarre attempt to "go green". The videos on exhibit document them as a "living installation" first in a vintage, newly solar-powered mobile home in an isolated part of the Santa Monica Mountains and then on their journey to Thailand. In Asia they discover the destructive and environmentally Poisonous effects of tourism and the eventual souring of their "sustainable" relationship. Much of the film is told through the voice of Dolly in a series of intimate interviews.

Eco Sexy delves into frustration with over population, intimacy and the environment. THe psychological realms of "global doom" and the steady destruction of the natural environment sparked the conception of Laura and Dolly's cockamamie relationship. The project is interested in studying collective human failure and behaviors, drawing on the historical manifestations of the doll and its role in culturally conditioning children in appropriate behaviors such as nurturing, relationships and procreation. This project blossomed out of the discomfort with reproduction in a time when overpopulation, pollution and natural resources are at a tipping point.

Laura Zuspan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berkeley, CA. Her most recent work emphasizes interdisciplinary means such as site-specific installation, performance, and supported video documentation to question contemporary culture and behaviors playfully. These questions usually deal with intimacy, relationships, power, and the environment. Her work is a celebration of collective human failure and conditioning. Her hope is to dissect the humorous and delusional realms of the psychosocially grotesque that often pillage the human mind.

Laura has exhibited at Guest Projects in London, England, BKK Arthouse Gallery at The Bangkok Art and Cultural Center in Bangkok, Thailand, The Front in New Orleans, D'Amelio Terras and Gallery 128 in NYC, Pari London WestNile and Heliopolis in Brooklyn, and The San Francisco Art Institute. She is a Cal Grant Recipient and Merit Scholar. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.