Common Eider King EiderFriday, July 29, 2011

Common Eider King Eider with Paul Clipson
Bill Orcutt


The enigmatically titled Common Eider, King Eider exists as an ever shifting music and art collective, initially envisioned by founding member Rob Fisk.  A transient musician, Fisk's membership in groups such as Deerhoof, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, and Badgerlore has been interspersed with sojourns living and working in Alaska; the landscape and wildlife of the area live on as a unifying thread of inspiration... The musical incarnation of the collective often takes the form of a quartet, with Fisk being joined by longtime Bay Area mover and shaker George Chen (K.I.T., Chen Santa-Maria, etc.), designer and musician Vicky Fong, and noise-maker Gregory Hagan (Pale Reverse, Grale, Thomas Carnacki, etc.).  Exploring piano and viola led spacious improvisations, reverb-drenched choral vocal passages, through to sheets-of-noise guitar blowouts, the group restlessly vary arrangements and instrumentation, breathing continuous life into compositions.  2010 saw the group tour northern Europe, taking in the medieval splendor of The Netherlands and Belgium...along with consuming piles of fries... Two solo recorded CD albums by Rob Fisk have been followed by two releases by the expanded lineup, the group releases being marked by the distinctive design qualities of Vicky Fong.  At present plans are afoot for a limited book/DVD/CD release and ongoing collaborations with film makers, as well as a tour of the east coast of the good 'ole U.S.A.


Bruce Anderson and Dale Sophiea have been musical partners for over 40 years. lazyboy is their latest project. After meeting at Indiana University in 1967 where they attended art and music school, respectively, they formed The Screaming Gypsy Bandits, a guerrilla music ensemble that fed Bloomington’s thriving underground scene.

Since then, they’ve collaborated in outfits ranging from MX-80 Sound, through The Gizzards, Half Life, Brutality, the Siamese Stepbrothers, and Death Ray to O-Type – on labels including Gulcher, Island, Ralph, Atavistic, ElectroMotive, their own Quadruped, and currently Family Vineyard, which also released Sophiea’s GodAwful DVD with O-Type’s The New Edge5 CD box set.

A new MX-80 album is in the works, O-Type's long-awaited opus, Better Than Life, is fast nearing completion, and a new lazyboy DVD will be available later this summer.