Brandon Nickell Noise NightMonday, July 4, 2011

$6 - $15 sliding scale




SisSisters (Portland)
"ADD meditations on vomit and suburban lifestyles. Nylon obsession."

Brandon Nickell (San Francisco)
Brandon Nickell (b. 1981 Oakland, California) currently resides and operates the Isounderscore record label in San Francisco’s Mission District where he records and performs uncompromising noise, experimental, and electronic music. Nickell has recorded under the computer-based electronic music and noise Aemae project since 2002 which was characterized by brutal synth-based noise yet highly detailed compositions that exhibit formant-based frequencies as well as other uncommon synthesis-based techniques.

Now recording and performing under his own name, Nickell released the critically-acclaimed full-length album “And If You Set This Mind Of Mine Afire Then On My Bloodstream I Yet Will Carry You” in 2010 as well as "The World Is A Refuge From Perfection" in the spring of 2011 on Monorail Trespassing in Los Angeles. Most recently he contributed a remix for Mexico witch house artist Ritualz for his digital-only single "Ghetto Ass Witch" alongside artists such as Unison, Burial Hex, Blissed Out and Funerals. Chicago's Third Sex will also be releasing Nickell's "Synthbanger One" early this summer based around current live work with analog synthesizers and drum machines.

Wrong Hole (Los Angeles)
"Nervous spasms over paranoid electronics." (Christian Pop Records)

Holly Herndon (San Francisco)
Holly Herndon is an artist currently based in San Francisco.She recently received her MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College under the guidance of John Bischoff, James Fei, Maggi Payne, and Fred Frith. While at Mills she won the Elizabeth Mills Crothers award for Best Composer in 2010. Her musical work explores embodied experience in electronic media through experiments with the electronically processed voice, using extended vocal techniques, vocal processing and FM synthesis.

Before moving to the Bay Area, she was one half of the critically acclaimed electronic duo Electrocute, touring the world from a base in Berlin, Germany. She also started the miserablist noise project Ankoko No Oto with Emma Albury of Leopard Leg, releasing a self titled EP on Turgid Animal in 2007. When not producing music Holly curates and manages exhibits and residencies at Zeum in San Francisco, teaches music technology at the University of the Pacific and is developing an electronic music program for West Oakland youth with Erika Anderson (Gowns/E.M.A). She co-founded the +dialog speaker series at Gray Area Foundation of the Arts in San Francisco, which to date has hosted Kode9, Erik Davis, Max Matthews, Douglas Kahn and more.

Holly is currently working on her solo debut album, a book on embodiment in electronic music performance for the Swiss publisher Van Dieren, a car specific tape release for the Chicago Label Third Sex and the nascent Acid/New Beat project Total Accomplishment.

Concrete Shiva (Portland)
"Concrete Shiva from Long Beach makes ghostly, echoing drones that sounds like some futuristic, Japanese classical music. High pitched atmospheric noises cycled with lower toned textures gives her watery sound direction like a river." (Titwrench Review)