A video screening curated by Heike Liss and Nomi Talisman

Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 7:30 PM
$5-$10 sliding scale admission

Magda Cregg & Gunvor Nelson: Take Off
Roegr Ngim: Easy to be Hard
Lindsay Benedict: Band O Butchers
Wenhua Shi: Crimson Haze
Glock & Shpiel (Dreamboat Where Are You?): Another Day, Another Madcap Adventure
Les Stuck: Bars+ Tone
dud: Old House
Marc Horowitz: I invented the Internet
Ruth Eckland: Rusalka & whirl
Michael Trigilio : 2 Excerpts from “Thank you for giving me my number back”
Gail Wight: National Agenda
Plus favorite picks from Media Flow, Videoventure on Electronic Music,  1-3, Fluctuating Images, Stuttgart, Germany

Curators Heike Liss and Nomi Talisman present an evening of non-commercial short videos that deal with the relationship between video and music and/or dance. This selection was based on an open call for entries by the curators. Screenings will take place at The LAB and will also travel to Fluctuating Images gallery in Stuttgart, Germany.