Comedy is War
Stand Up Comedy Night | Thursday, November 11, 8 p.m.

George Chen

Veteran's Day Comedy Night

Featuring: Paul Knowles, Chris Thayer, Donny Divanian, Eric Svedas, Grant LaValley, Jonah Susskind, Jesse Elias, The Well-Putters plus the MC Stylings of George Chen

Thursday, November 11, 2010
8:00 p.m., Doors at 7:30 p.m.,
$7 - $12 sliding scale or FREE with membership

George Chen is a nascent wordsmith and musician who attempts to crack wise. Music appearances include KIT, Common Eider King Eider, and Chen Santa Maria. He has opened for Sam McPheeters and performed at the Porchlight storytelling series.
Image of George Chen: Sean Garrison


Paul Knowles

Paul Knowles as Dr. PVPHKS (pronounced Pa-hiv-icks) received his honorary degree in CT (Critical Thinking) from the College Of Modern Forms Of Radical Thought in the late 2000's.  With a comprehensive background in Youtube® Conspiracy Theory Videos (CTV's), Dr. PVPKHS believes he has been put here to make the distinction between Critical Thinking and Conspiracy Theory. Touring lecture topics include: ChemTrails, The Weather Itself, The BP Oil Spill, Westbrae Telekenisis, and "You-Foes". He is the author of many books, pamphlets, and photocopies, including the pending release, "How To Quit Smoking 10 Years Ago". His upcoming event, World Psychic Day 11/11/11, is already gaining critical (thinking) acclaim.
Image and bio of Paul Knowles: Sarah Borruso


Chris Thayer

Chris Thayer
is supposedly "one of San Francisco's hardest working up-and-coming young comics". An alleged "favorite of audiences and comics alike", he claims to have "performed at venues across the country". He also maintains that he has "been recognized in public at least 4 times". 




Jonah Susskind is a San Francisco based Artist probably known best for his paintings, sculptures, and performances that use trickery and irony as a medium.  He makes works that re-contextualize the art of tromp l'oeil within today’s art world politique, effortlessly oscillating between various degrees of critical phoniness.  Likewise, his performances cleverly question their own authenticity, blurring the lines between performance and reality, reminding us that these definitions depend greatly on who their audiences are.  His projects run a wide gamut of modes, materials and complexities, all of them seeking to proudly overstate their understated realities through a unique language of scripted spontaneity and quiet foolishness.

Eric Svedas

Eric Svedas smells bad. He has had complaints at his work place. As a youth, he smelled of goats. His mother recently told him, " I can smell alcohol leaching out of your pores", but she neglected to say what kind. He is working on branding a new patchouli based cologne that has the same masking effect without the crushing social stigma of patchouli use.