Organ Spectacular
Organ Spectacular | Tuesday, November 9, 7:30 p.m. 

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
7:30 p.m.
$5 - $15 Sliding Scale

In a not too distant past, all of San Francisco was littered with organs. Not just the churches here, but the places opposite the worship holes. Superstition and holy magic was countered by film music, 40s-60s muzak-pop, and improvised mood mayhem. Hedonistic bars catering to drinkers had 'em, movie houses like The Orpheum, The Fox Theater and The York (there were many more) galvanized ears with 'em. Even the Civic Center had a main organ set up at one end of the space for events that had the regular who's who of this cities best organist hired out to play on it (including Anton LaVey). This town was crawling with organs!

Some of these heavy hitters who stalked the old days when the king of instruments was let into any place of nascent boisterousness or entertainment are familiar with organ music collectors: Margie Brandon, Anton LaVey, Larry Vannucci, Bill Langford, Barron Smith, Jim Murray, Jack Malmsten, Tiny James, Alice Blue, Don Andersen, Jim Murray, Bill McCoy, Robert Heilbuth, Baghdaddy Dari, Frank Stitt, Everett Nourse, The Caperone, Coleen Stella,  and many more. Handfuls of this gaggle of eclectic finger flickering folks recorded lps that you could find cheap in the 70s and 80s through the thrift store bins. If your bird entrails and tea leaves point to the aura of the moon's id on blue mondays you can also find it somewhere in a free box walking through the mission or the haight or online..
Now the instrument has been led mostly out to suburban pizza nests, and to the sanitorium of churches in the work of exacting tabourets of small ideas to crowds of baaing sheep in archaic hymn-song.

No longer.

The Organ Spectacular shows have been held at underground dens since 1997 and are surfacing into the ground zero of The Lab on 16th st. The following have prepared semi-improvised opulence, clanglorious classics and a smattering of blotpolished battletech electronics to settle over the keys. Also there will be films to accompany and POPCORN!

Organ Spectacular