Terror Apart
Sunday, September 6, noon - 2 p.m.


MOE! Staiano, Transient, Head Boggle, Lazy Boy (MX 80) with Pale Reverse, and Key West

Sunday, September 26, 2010
Noon. Doors at 11:30 a.m.
$5 - $10 sliding scale or FREE with membership

Come for another episode of the Lab's notorious monthly Noise showcase, bringing you seasoned national veterans and innocent young sound practitioners for an afternoon of savage, transcendent, peri-apocalyptic performance unlike any other.

Conveniently scheduled after the brunch rush, earplugs and pancakes included.

Moe! Staiano is a percussionist who usually uses found objects, but has moved to doing drumming on found objects on his trap set (i.e. prepared percussion). Moe! (yes, he includes the exclaimation mark in his name) has experimented through the years though solo percussion using pipes, food pans, pressure caps, sheet metals, nick-nacks & other stuff that has been found, given or stolen (mainly from Pizza Hut when he worked there including a nifty Spatula that he bows). One can expect to see Moe!'s show as a visual eye pleaser: running around throwing pipes on concrete, walking on pans with his feet to mute sounds or running amok, throwing his body into old cassette tapes or two dozen cymbals in any given performance. His shows can sometimes expect a big mess in one fashion or another (which he replies that the aftermath of his performances represents his life) with implements of mixers & vibrators on objects spewed throughout the set.

Transient (David Molina) has created music for theater, dance, film, radio, installation and multimedia productions since 1995. He recently created the soundtrack to "Coming to California," a permanent video installation by Cause Collective at the Oakland Museum of California. He and Chris Webb were honored with a 2009 L.A. Ovation Award for their music and Molina's sound design to "Lydia" at CTG's Mark Taper Forum. His main personal projects are Ghosts and Strings and Transient. Both have toured NYC, Peru, Argentina, and the bay area.

"Head Boggle shows up for a live rendition next making me jones heavy to see this spectacle in person. minimalist electronic sculptures battle it out with the crowd’s voices, the latter adding an unexpected bonus to the proceedings. it’s some haunted spliff. headboggle never sounds like anything but headboggle and ends up stuck in your skull for days on end. you just have to keep going back to it, trying to figure out what the hell happened while you were out." - Mimaroglu Music Sales

Lazy Boy (MX 80) with Pale Reverse
"...a potent mind bomb encased in candy apple sweetness..."

Key West will blow your socks off