Tuesday, September 7, 7:30 p.m.

Without A Net

Directed by Kelly J. Richardson

Tuesday, September 7, 7:30 pm

Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres provided                

$7 admission or free with Lab membership 

Red and white wine courtesy of Oliver McCrum Wines

In Rio de Janeiro, in a slum rife with drugs and prostitution, four young people diligently train for the circus: Bárbara, 19, who has quit school and has a brother in jail; Djefferson, 20, illiterate and overweight; Rayana, 15, a contortionist who struggles with injuries; and Platini, 9, who searches for a male role model in the wake of his older brother's death by a drug cartel.

Over the course of a year, these four audition, rehearse, and perform on opening night. Along the way, “Without A Net” reveals how these young artists survive the pathos of their childhoods. Ultimately, Kelly J. Richardson’s film offers an intimate portrait of determination, courage, creativity, and a powerful drive to succeed.

Moderator  - John Antonelli

John Antonelli, in association with his partner Will Parrinello in the Mill Valley Film Group, has been producing award-winning programs for theatrical release, public television, premium cable and broadcast for over 30 years. Their titles include Jack Kerouac: King of the Beat; Mustang: Journey of Transformation; Dreaming of Tibet; Angle of Inspiration; and Focus: The New Environmentalists. Antonelli's Sam Cooke: Crossing Over was recently broadcast on PBS American Masters and garnered an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Nonfiction Series.

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  Rough Cuts is a series of work-in-progress documentary screenings that are produced every other month at the Lab, a non-profit gallery/performance space in the Mission. For each evening, we screen one rough cut of a feature-length documentary and then moderate a conversation about the film. These post-screening discussions are designed to give the filmmaker a better, more objective sense of what is working and not working with his/her film, with particular attention paid to improving the film’s structure and narrative clarity. We hope that the series also provides a welcome space for local filmmakers, film professionals, and fans of documentary film to meet and talk.

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