Brutal Sound Effects
Installation and performance residency | May 2 – 29

Installation and Performance Series


Ink on paper by Bonnie Banks.
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Visual Arts Exhibition Schedule

Opening: Wednesday, May 19
Closing reception: Friday, May 28, 6 – 9pm
Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Visual arts exhibition is FREE

Bonnie Banks uses drawings, videos, costumes, sets, sculptures and music to conjure imagined worlds without temporal or spatial constraints. These works are frequently used as inspiration and blueprint for collaborative endeavors.

For this residency, Bonnie Banks has organized a series of performances and a visual arts exhibition showcasing several of his ongoing collaborative projects including the concept art bands Rubber ((0) Cement and Scummerai, along with Brutal Sound Effects and Godwaffle Noise Pancakes: two reccurring series that provide a platform for the experimental noise community.

Rubber ((0) Cement is an interpretation for a super science future mirroring the way primitive cultures use cargo cults to emulate technology. Technological breakthroughs are realized in a zero-tech way by showing the unrealized “next step into the future” with the actual vision existing in the present. All props and sets are made out of waste.  The sound mixes experimental jazz with some homemade electronics.

Scummerai’s set  is a giant on-shore oil drilling rig with operating cranes that spits out punch cards to make percussive sounds throughout the live act.

Performance Schedule   
Ink drawing by Bonnie Banks.
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All performances are $5 – $10 sliding scale
Special month-long passes are available for $25
FREE with Lab membership

Sunday, May 2, Noon
Scummerai, Matt Ingalls, +DOG+, Skumk Mummypooze Fizz Trio, Zachary Watkins

Thursday, May 6, 8:00 p.m.
Aesop Dekker (Agalloch/Ludicra) and Sean McGrath (Impaled, Ghoul, and Engorged) play with Bran (...) Pos, Rubber ((0) Cement
Also featuring Sabreteeth, Elf Ass, Coagulator (3 puece), Soup Purse (OR) (goes metal)

Wednesday, May 12, 8:00 p.m.
Poodle Sound Effects #3
Slusser, Vagina Mine District Co Recycling (feat. Thom Blum and Charles Kremenak), Head Boggle, Darph Nader, Terror Apart, Gumball Rimpoche

Saturday, May 15, Noon
Omnivorous Scencillium, Vulcanus 68, Dyemark, Organ of Qwerty, The Cocksuckers, Ebony Cubbie Hole

Ink drawing by Bonnie Banks.
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Saturday, May 22, Noon
Beandip Troubadours, Ken Ueno & Lou Bunk & Ma ++ Ingalls (Lyrical Queclops), Laces, MOM, Moma Buries

Tuesday, May 25, 8:00 p.m.
Basidiomycota, Nerfbau, Rifle Cup Sip, Tony Dryer, Crisperion Fett,
Antoine Chessex & Gilles Aubry & Valerio Triccoli

Wednesday, May 26, 8:00 p.m.
Rubber ((0) Cement's Solid City State, Kanako Nishi, Darksmith, Coconut, Ploc Munster
Premiere of the entire "CASA-D Sombrero Galaxy Electroytic Olmec Face Shuttles Video-Narrative" 

Saturday, May 29, Noon
Electronic Puppenhorten
g|O|D|W|A|F|F|L|E||N|O|I|S|E||P|A|N|C|A|K|E|S  Presents:
Oviparian apeblade cook out with the padamasana tip-torso titans
Brutal Sound Effects
Scummerai Double Crane, Rovar 17 (Hungary), VSLS, Compression of the Chest Cavity Miracle (featuring Ezra Buchla), Necrotic Socks, Hora Flora presents "auraflora shimmering terrain fever dream" Ensemble, Ben Bracken