Featuring: Pedestrian Deposit, Acre, Brandon Nickell, Work/Death, and Infinite Body

Friday, October 30, 9 pm

$8 admission or FREE with membership

With special guests R K Faulhaber, N F Orchest, Thomas Carnacki, and Jim Haynes

Friday, February 5, 2010
8:30 p.m. | Doors open at 8:00 p.m.
irr. app. (ext.)

$8 – $15 sliding scale admission at the door or FREE with membership

irr. app. (ext.) has been dragging its tired donkey down the crooked California backroads since the release of its first album 'An Uncertain Animal' in 1997. The carrot having long since withered away, the stick is now all that remains to motivate this mangy, half-starved creature along the path towards trancendent glory. But realisation has finally dawned that a new setting needs to be found before the smack of wood against sweaty animal hindquarters becomes the only sound left in the irr. app. (ext.) repertoire, and so a partial drift back towards its Northern homeland is underway.

To commemorate the past 12 years of harvesting the bitter Californian dust, a grand fÍte, a veritable carnival of ambivalent joy, has been arranged at the Lab in San Francisco on February 5th. For this final Bay Area utterance, irr. app. (ext.) has assembled all of the brightest sparks that have sputtered within its crepuscular history, like a spent dandelion clock with all its dispersed seeds gathered together once again and pinned back into place with long, cruel needles of unconditional love.

Witness! R K Faulhaber dazzle you with the unnatural management of shadow and sound, guided only by his devious mind and assisted by the very fruit of his loins.

Witness! NF Orchest instigate a sonic frenzy rivalled by none, here reunited for the first time since the hideous mind of Rome cast its pall of oppression across the continents of the world.

Witness! Thomas Carnacki emerge from the pages of arcane fiction to dance a jig of grim frivolity and unselfconscious schadenfreude upon the graves of the never-been-born.

Witness! Jim Haynes taunting and tickling the very atoms hidden within the seeds of metals, stimulated by the remorseless agitation of uncooked lima beans and held trembling upon the very threshold of mineral disintegration.

The event will close with irr. app. (ext.), the very thing itself and unto itself, attempting a distillation of the least disastrous parts of its three recent performances in Seattle. Come expecting to be unimpressed and at the very least you will leave feeling that your expectations have been fully satisfied.

Life is short and most of it is wasted on pointless and tedious endeavours anyhow, so why not leave your ever-widening puddle of discontent behind and frolic in someone else's for an evening? This will be the final opportunity to witness irr. app. (ext.) as a local phenomenon, and perhaps for good: you can rest assured that if it ever returns, it will not be bearing wire whisks and silly hats but a SWORD, bellowing "I AM THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS" through a hole in the future. Pray that you don't live to see that day.

R K Faulhaber has maintained a rigorous creative trajectory since the late 1980s but the outcome of his labours has largely been withheld from general access. A cluster of self-released cassettes gradually trailed off into the 1990s, and since that time his public activity has been restricted to occasional live collaborations (including appearances with Nurse With Wound in 2006 and 2009), isolated radio broadcasts, a shadow puppet collaboration with his two sons in 2007 and a single solo performance at the Lab in 2008. A wealth of unreleased recordings and texts waits to be unleashed upon the music world.

N F Orchest is a collective vehicle for three of the brightest jewels in the Bay Area's live experimental music scene: Angela Hsu, Jim Kaiser and Andy Way. In recent years their individual energies have been focused on numerous other collaborative settings or solo work, but for this event the three have agreed to gather together once again and brew their particular style of seething audio consommÈ.

Thomas Carnacki exists as the recording & performance identity of sound designer Gregory Scharpen. While the bulk of his sonic ingenuity is directed towards creating soundtracks & atmospheres for productions by Central Works and other Bay Area theater companies, he is occasionally joined in a live setting by Jesse Burson, Jesse Quattro and Gregory Hagan to create an impeccable balance of first names.

An audio & installation artist of international renown, Jim Haynes continues to expand the frontiers of sonic creation though the direct manipulation of physical materials. The agitation of rust, the group interaction of various particles, the concentrated vibration of the air and the secret conversations between chemicals are distilled within a ferment of sounds captured in the field and snatched out of the Êther. Jim is also a screenprinter and letterpress artist of prodigious ability.

For the past 12 years, irr. app. (ext.) has been the chrome-plated megaphone for a hopelessly displaced Canadian, releasing a dozen albums and EPs on various labels and not releasing nearly as many on various others. Public performance remains a dubious prospect and is approached with the same enthusiasm that most people would approach exploratory bowel surgery. One day those shaky hands will get it right. Since 2005, much more satisfying live activity has been found in the tender arms of Nurse With Wound, although sporadic turns at self-abuse are still undertaken.