Friday, September 4 - Sunday, September 6, 2009

A three-day festival celebrating the intersection of art and technology
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A three-day festival celebrating the intersection of art and technology

Friday, September 4 - Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exhibiting artists include:
Javier SánchezAaron OldenburgBryan Von ReuterRob RayAlex PottsLuther ThieJonathan GroverPeter FoucaultShawn WallaceRachel Beth EgenhoeferRetronyms, Olle EssvikJustin Hoover is a festival of art, performance, sound, workshops, demos, and lectures featuring cutting-edge artistic experiments created with and related to technology. This vibrant showcase of local, national, and international artists working at and across boundaries celebrates technological experimentation, open source methodologies, collaboration, accessibility, and interactivity.  Bringing together established and emerging talent in the fields of new media, digital culture, mixed reality, tangible interfaces, robotics, gaming, sonic sculpture, experimental music, activated objects, physical computing, and electronics, creates a platform in San Francisco for a dynamic locus of exchange within a thriving global community of innovators.

Tickets available at the door
$12 - $18 sliding scale per day -OR-
$20 for a Saturday + Sunday unlimited pass
$8 for single evening performances

Download program: icon program photo gallery by Kally Kahn from SF Station
Meredith Tromble's Anti-pandora II
icon Anti-pandora II

Schedule of events

Friday, September 4, 2009

8pm: Performances by Meredith TrombleLaetitia SonamiCloud Archive, and 15 Degrees Below Zero

Saturday, September 5, 2009

1pm: Workshop with Shawn Wallace and Arley-Rose Torsone
Fluxly is a video game featuring wizard duels in which you much make your own hardware controller to compete. Most everything in the game is controllable; it is up to you to make and program your controller to dominate.

2pm: Lecture by Nate Bolt
A quick history of the word "technology" and how much weight was placed on art by the man who brought "technology" into Western culture, Jakob Bigelow, is something worth having a talk about.

3pm: Lecture by Meredith Tromble
A relational presentation of Anti-Pandora, a hand-made back pack generator that captures energy from the walk (or run) of the person wearing it and transforms it into electricity.

4pm: Lecture and demo with Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
In Virtual Knitting users are able to knit in both physical and virtual space at the same time, constructing both tangible and intangible cloth. Knitting becomes a new way to consider human/ machine interaction.

5pm: Seek ‘n Spell with Retronyms at The Lab and Dolores Park
Seek 'n Spell is an interactive iPhone game that combines Scrabble-like word building with an outdoor hunt for virtual letters, and players compete in real space to collect the letters and spell words.  Since art is inherently social, this installation attempts to display the potential for creating new interactive experiences out of ordinary activities like spelling.

8pm: Performances by Safety ScissorsWobblySutekh, and Eats Tapes

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1pm: Lecture and demo with Javier Sanchez 
A lecture exploring the relationship between “musical movement” and “spatial movement” in audiovisual materials, presentation of Unorthogonality, behind the scenes demonstration of techniques and tools used including MAX/MSP and Maths.

2:30pm: Lecture with Luther Thie 
LA Interchange is a site-specific public art project that proposes a real-time memorial at the intersection  of downtown Los Angeles freeways. Set in a renewed urban park at the intersection of the Harbor (110) and Santa Monica (10) freeways in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the LA Interchange memorial takes the form of an illuminated water fountain that uses real-time accident data from the California Highway Patrol Incident Report website to affect the intensity of the fountain’s stream and colored light, thereby creating an immersive atmosphere revealing unseen data in a useful, yet disturbing manner. Included in the discussion is a detailed description of a working prototype of the memorial, and research that develops the significance of the work as a real-time memorial and sublime monument, revealing the intensity and awe we experience when confronted with the true interconnectedness of people and technology.

3:30pm: Lecture and demo with  Rob Ray
Bucky's Animal Spirit subverts the typical ATM transaction to surprise the user. Instead of the usual screens, there appears a video featuring Bucky the Beaver lamenting his financial troubles in today's economy and a side-scrolling video game where the user helps Bucky blast his way through enemy satellite TV antennas to the public library where entertainment is free.

4:00pm: Workshop with Nick Lally 
silhouettes is an open-source video game that allows two players to interact in virtual space and work  together to achieve goals in the game. The game uses video processing technology which allows players to use their bodies to control an on-screen avatar as they attempt to achieve a high score.

4:30pm: Lecture, demo, and discussion with David Wilson/Flight Orchestra 
A series of short interactive demonstrations highlighting the possibilities and capabilities of using progressive music creation hardware, software, and philosophy, while highlighting the capabilities of the software application Ableton Live.

6pm: Screening of Esther Johnson 's Tune In
Tune In is a portrait of the fascinating world of amateur radio operators, better known as HAMS--'the space-age hobby where the world is your friend.'  Dealing with the politics of space and social communication, Tune In blends documentary and abstract audio to reflect on the use of DIY radio equipment in an ever-changing modern world.

7pm: Performances by David Wilson/Flight Orchestra, 7-bit Hydra (Chad McKinney and Curtis McKinney), Daniel Iglesia, and Peter Foucault in collaboration with Jonathan Grover and Jake Coolidge

All Weekend
Every Step, Locative Media with Matt Roberts 
Every Step allows a participant to create a short experimental  animation while they walk. Each participant is given an armband with a  mounted camera and pedometer. The pedometer is mounted inside the  armband and is connected to the camera. The camera is mounted on the  armband and points towards the sky. The pedometer acts as a trigger for the camera and an image of whatever is above the participant is taken every time a step is made.
-> Walks will be scheduled throughout the day, there will be a sign-up sheet available at The Lab

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Justin Hoover
Utilizing the native text-structure of Twitter to develop of a new series of poems. The piece will involve “publishing” one 140-character poem every six hours for the entire duration of the five-day exhibition. The intention of the piece is to reflect on the shifting structures of interpersonal communication as a consequence of technological innovation. As the pace of life continues to hasten, and the means of human interaction becomes increasingly mediated by the technologies of online social networking tools, conventional language is directly affected.

Event Hours: Friday – Saturday, 1-11pm, Sunday 1-10pm
Performances: Friday – Saturday, 8-11pm, Sunday 7-10 pm

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