The 25th Anniversary Performance Series

June 25 - July 18, 2009
Doors 7:30pm, shows 8pm
$8 admission

Featuring Nao Bustamante, Margaret Tedesco, Strip Mall Seizures, Lucky Dragons, Ann Magnuson, and many more...

The 25th Anniversary Performance Series

Doors open 7:30pm, shows start at 8pm (Please note, July 12 starts 6:30pm)
$8 - 12 sliding scale admission
(Please note, July 17th is $15-20)

During June and July of 2009, The LAB will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a month-long performance series. Selected musicians, curators, dancers, authors, and performance artists who represent the breadth of The LAB's artistic vision over its 25-year history, as well as the future of the organization and Bay Area arts community will participate. Join us for the kickoff party on June 25!

Thursday, June 25: Strip Mall Seizures, The Rhombus, Pink Canoes, and Maggie Morris, with emcee George Chen
Pink Canoes is an electro-acoustic improvisation quintet from Oakland, California. Their vocabulary is as varied as the instruments they play, which includes prepared guitars, saxophones and laptops to homemade analog synthesizers, circuit bent toys and other salvaged electronics. As an ensemble, they run the gamut of texture and volume, turning on a dime from chunks of abrasive noise to moments of barely audible sound inspection. Oftentimes they strive for the seamless integration of instruments, electronics and electronic instruments. Other times the disjunction between the aforementioned instruments is so severe that it can only be described as a chaotic splattering of electronics amidst a backdrop of sonic depravity. In many cases, these extremes occur just mere seconds apart, which only adds to the quirky, unpredictable intrigue of each performance. With any luck, they'll tie your synapses in knots.

Friday, June 26: Emerging dance and choreography curated by Keith Hennessy, featuring Jesselito Bie + Jennifer Chien, Laura Arrington, Jesse Hewitt + Jorge de Hoyos, and Kegan Marling

Saturday, June 27: Tim Perkis, John Bischoff, Aram Shelton, and Novi_Sad
John Bischoff has been active in the experimental music scene in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years as a composer, performer, and teacher. He is known for his solo constructions in real-time computer synthesis and the pioneering development of computer network music. Bischoff will perform DECAY TRACE, a solo piece for amplified metal rod and laptop. As a performer activates the rod, the resulting sonic impulses trigger fragments of pre-recorded samples. The timings between impulses are also analyzed and recycled continuously, producing layer upon layer of sample fragments. As layers accumulate, synthetic sound components gradually replace the samples and articulate the performer’s timing in a new way.

Aram Shelton is a multi-instrumentalist on saxophones and clarinets and creates electroacoustic music via Max/MSP. His electroacoustic work involves real time sampling and manipulation of acoustic instruments.  For this performance at the LAB, he will revisit the music from his debut solo album titled 'Settled'.  The music invokes moods through a cinematic style inspired by solitary walks, rainstorms with no thunder, fog & mist, the coast, empty city streets, the woods, books & coffee, ice & bourbon, and long afternoons. A bed of sounds created using field recordings & found sounds are combined with live processing of wind instruments, and melodies evolve from the existing tones found within the structure.

Thursday, July 2: Chris Brown performs and curates an evening of experimental music featuring Charles Johnson, Chad and Curtis McKinney, Tom Nunn and William Winant
This evening features three different ensembles that approach the use of new musical instruments in distinctly original ways.  Charles Johnson’s group uses amplified string and percussion instruments tuned in just intonation combined with analog electronics to create a deeply moving drone music based on difference tones. The twin brothers Chad and Curtis McKinney present a computer network music duet with tightly interwoven, visceral elements SuperColliding in strongly rhythmic interaction. Finally, instrument builders Chris Brown and Tom Nunn bring their invented electroacoustic noise instruments into an improvisational meeting with the legendary percussionist William Winant.

Thursday, July 9: Miya Masaoka, Tomas Phillips
Tomas Phillips is a composer, novelist, and teacher whose sound work focuses on minimalist through-composition and performance. He began composing electronic music in the early 1990s and has since released recordings on such prestigious labels as Trente Oiseaux, Line and Non Visual Objects. Collaborations include work with Francisco López and the Opéra de Montréal, as well as music created for installations, dance and theatre. His performance at The Lab will consist of an extended version of a 2007 release, "Drink_Deep" (NVO). Utilizing a series of low frequencies, isolated microsounds and minimal tones, the piece attempts to generate an immersive sound environment that allows space for the listener to be an active participant in the music, thus inviting a particular quality of engagement beyond the confines of conventional listening.

Friday, July 10: Nao Bustamante, Margaret Tedesco, and Cliff Hengst
Nao Bustamante's often precarious work encompasses performance art, sculpture, installation and video. In Silver & Gold, she will interpret legendary filmmaker Jack Smith's muse, 1940s Dominican movie starlet Maria Montez. Honing-in on Smith's interest in Hollywood's obsession with the reproduction of the exotic, Bustamante will embody Miss Montez. Using video and the body as a source of backdrop, narrative, and emotion, she takes the spectator on a bizarre and radical journey finding a new bejeweled body part, which is at once her curse and oracle.

Saturday, July 11: Donna de la Perriere curates a night of literary readings including Anita Amirrezvani, Stephen Elliot, Sandy Florian, David Lau, Joseph Lease, Aimee Phan, Jared Stanley, Cedar Sigo, and Arisa White.

Sunday, July 12: Former Ghosts, The Urxed, T.I.T.S., KIT, Gowns, Lucky Dragons, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Foot Village curated by Club Sandwich (Please note, this show begins at 6:30pm)

Wednesday, July 15: Mission Creek Music festival curates Collision: Dj Koloni (Sweden), Hora Flora, Nim (Sweden), Oth, darwinsbitch

Thursday, July 16: Mission Creek Music festival curates Collision: Christine Shields, MAG (Sweden), Ryder Cooley

Friday, July 17: Mission Creek Music festival curates Collision: Curly Lou (Sweden), Dynasty Handbag, Ann Magnuson

Saturday June 18th: Mission Creek Music festival curates Collision: The Toilet (Sweden), Jim Haynes, Zachary Watkins

Collision was made possible by the generous support of the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation.