MOVE>SOUND: Soundwave>Series ((3))

Movement-triggered sound environments featuring the Amplified Processed Skateboard Railing - Sam McKinley & Christian Nicolay (Vancouver, Canada); Sound Drawings - Diana Burgoyne (Vancouver, Canada); Resonant Sorcery - Beno + Minnie (San Francisco, CA) Please note, Sam McKinley and Christian Nicolay were denied entrace at the US border, therefore a video of their piece will be shown. All other scheduled performances will be live.

EnvirosonicPerformances: Friday, June 27, 2008 at 8PM
Tickets: $8-15 at door, presale online $12
Infoline: 415-216-3102

EnviroSonic is the season opening event of MOVE>SOUND, the third season of the Soundwave>Series. Canadian artists Sam McKinley and Christian Nicolay reinterpret the urban landscape with an amplified railing and skateboarder which becomes a living, breathing instrument. Representing a typical low public handrail, this custom-made railing is mic'ed and run through various overdrive, distortion and delay guitar effects to achieve a massive wall of crumbling sound. The skateboarder generates live audio tones with switches and patches for audiences to interact. Canadian Diana Burgoyne creates a sonic experience by enveloping the audience with live drawings that activate sounds into a rising cacophonic score from the copper frames’ elemental reaction to graphite. Burgoyne surrounds the audience with ten large framed pieces of paper, each with a speaker and a sound circuit connected to copper strips. Continued drawings escalate the sounds that increase sonic frequencies into a cresendo. Audience members are then invited to "play" the drawings. SF-based duo Beno + Minnie combine melodies culled from tree spirits, shaken and stirred percussion, and layers of vocal textures with video and projection interventions.

The Soundwave>Series is organized by San Francisco-based art group MEDIATE NETWORK and supported in part by CitySightseeing, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Meet the Composer's MetLife Creative Connections Program and Subito, the Quick Advancement Grant from the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Composers Forum. EnviroSonic is supported in part by the Canada Council for the Arts.