11th anniversary Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - Sunday, May 20, 2007
$7-15 sliding scale admission

Blectum From BlechdomTuesday, May 15: doors 7:45 PM, performances at 8 PM
Double Headed Double Header - Part 1 co-curated by Mission Creek and Katie Vida in collaboration with Kevin Blechdom
Blectum from Blechdom live audio and video - UN-DEAD SNAUSES, the only ones laughing
Kevanescence - a lineup of Evanescense cover songs played by Kevin Blechdom and Christopher Fleeger
Kevin Blechdom and Evans Hankey - The Out of Space Reality Club
Charles Engstrom and Christopher Fleeger - Barpieces

Wednesday, May 16: doors 7:45 PM, performances at 8 PM
Double Headed Double Header - Part 2 co-curated by Mission Creek and Katie Vida in collaboration with Blevin Blectum
Hans Gruesel's Kraenkenkabinet
Blectum from Blechdom, live audio and video - Re-Dead Mallards, the only ones not laughing
Blevin Blectum - The Preserving Machine. Sound by Blevin Blectum, video by Ryan Junell, Dave Cerf, Laura Navarro, and Fausto Caceres
James GoodeSomniloquy

Thursday, May 17: doors 7:45 PM, performances at 8 PM
SuperMassive Black Hole 2: The Gamma Knife Adventure
co-curated by Mission Creek and Elise Irving
Corey FogelDelight in the works of Bay Area superstar video artists such as Nate Boyce, Desiree Holman, and Amy Sampson. Preview the new DVD from Rubber 0 Cement, Butyl RNA World, Solid City State, Ratar Toilet Seat created by Brutallo of brutalsoundeffects.com. Bear witness to one of the controversial videos from the infamous LA-based art rock group, My Barbarian, and behold the works of many more video visionaries, including Taha Bahal, Matthew Boyko, Randolph Carter, Marcella Faustini, and Skye Thoreston. In addition to the brilliance of today's hottest video makers, The Lab will transform into the epicenter of a SuperMassive Black Hole where the Gamma Knife will penetrate deep into your heart and soul via the sound seductions of DJDJ and DancerDancer. Dance, drink, and enjoy a unique experience unlike any other.

Friday, May 18: Doors 7:45 PM, Performances at 8 PM
Co-curated by Mission Creek and Katie Vida
Lucky DragonsSound performances by Lucky Dragons, Corey Fogel, Aaron Flint Jamison, Andre Vida, and Adam Overton.

Saturday, May 19: Doors 6:45 PM, Performances at 7 PM
Co-curated by Mission Creek and Jorge Boehringer
Featuring Anti-Ear, the Bran...Pos, BULBS, Core of the Coalman/Paul Baker Videosphere, DJ Mic Nasty, Gowns, Kwisp, Kristin Miltner and Cliff Caruthers, and RHY Yau.

Sunday, May 20: Performances at 2 PM
Co-curated by Mission Creek and Roseanna Fulton
Featuring Ettrick, Can't (Jessica Rylan), 16 Bitch Pileup, Micose and the Mau Maus, Tullan Velte, HISSEATERS, That Hideous Strength, John Davis, T. Hahn

Ongoing Installations:
16bitchpileup_web.jpgPeter Foucault - The Free Music Project 2007
The Free Music Project is an interactive social sculpture. The project will offer viewers the opportunity to take a free cassette tape in exchange for writing an associative memory or story in relationship to the artist, album or particular song selected. These responses are anonymous and no personal information is asked about the participant. The cassette tapes included in the piece are from multiple genres and reflect the multicultural programming offered the Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival. Foucault will replenish the supply of cassette tapes through "tape-swaps", in which visitor can bring in one of their own tapes and exchange it with an existing tape in the installation. There will also be tape donation boxes on-site where visitors can drop off tapes to be recycled back into the project. Viewer responses will be exhibited in the gallery to serve as an ongoing archive of the project. As the project progresses throughout the week, the installation will continue to grow in scale and composition.

ZENITH FOUNDATION - Half and Have Knots
Half and Have Knots is a 2:30 looping piece written for a string quartet. It is based on a graphic score made through the intersection of the sixteen most basic mathematical knots. A mathematical knot is like the one you can make with a shoelace, except it has no open ends. The study of these knots is fundamental to knot theory, and investigations of parabolic spaces, quantum physics, parallel dimensions and even DNA structures. For this video installation, a string quartet was formed from students at the SF Conservatory of Music. They were given a score with the understanding that all their parts, though complete, were "untied", or not rhythmically in unison. It was their job to "retie" the piece, and unite themselves from a disparate group into a unit that builds a structure through personal, gestural, and sonic communication.

See www.mcmf.org for more information.