PLUG3Saturday, October 13 – Sunday, October 14, 2007
1 PM - 1 AM
$5 admission

Listeners at the event plug into headphone amps [approximately 60 output jacks] provided throughout the venue or listen to the live stream featuring performances by:

Saturday October 13: Ellul, Oannes, Patrice Scanlon, Pistols Will Air, Raster Roobit, Slither Syndicate, The Beatle, Forms Of Things Unknown, Halcyon High, Deletist, Moisture, Justino, Blue Vitriol, Zentropia, Pagan/Presley, 100s of Dismembered Handbags, Janeda Pain, Conrad Lewbel, Ozmadawn, Soundtrack for a Movie About a Dream About Nothing, 12 Types, Beytah, Heartworm, PU22L3, and This Window.

Day 1 schedule is here.

Sunday October 14: LX Rudis, Magnanimous, Transponderfish, Troy Byker, 666 Gangstaz, Double Vision, Mnemoth, Tullan Velte, Headboggle, Matt Davignon, Anthony Marin, Cypod, My Helical Elk, Catsynth, Sakana, Nommo Ogo, Respectable Citizen, Les Trois Feuilles, Gather the Bones, Filthmilk, Horaflora, LNA, Telepathik Friend, and Weldschmertz.

Day 2 schedule is here.

Tune in to

irc chat on, /join #placard

[:] PLUG3 [:] will transmit 48 live performances for 2 days in participation with the Tenth Annual International Headphone Festival – LE PLACARD X – a nonstop streaming interaural experiment that migrates from city to city broadcasting headphone concerts in listening rooms around the world. The festival experiments with exploring new medias, sonic perception, levels of concentration, isolation as inspiration, and spontaneous modification within a global community of eclectic culture- jammers, curious engineers, instigators and self-sufficient sound artists. Initiated in 1998 by Parisian musician Erik Minkkinen, who broadcast a performance from the closet in his apartment to listeners in Japan, LE PLACARD is a nomadic "festival within a festival" that functions under a modality of open programming; artists performing self-organize this global program.