--On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time

--Critique of Separation

--Howls for Sade

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007, 7:30 PM
$6-10 suggested donation

Situationist strategist and adventurer Guy Debord made six films. A
subtitled version of The Society of the Spectacle (based on Debord's book of
the same name) has circulated during the last few years, but the others
have rarely been seen outside France. During September - October of 2007,
The LAB and ATA will co-host a presentation of all six films (subtitled or
dubbed) with the authorized translations of Ken Knabb.

The first three films will be shown at The LAB: On the Passage of a Few
Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time
(20 minutes), Critique of
(20 minutes), and Howls for Sade (excerpt, approximately 20
minutes). Ken Knabb will briefly introduce each film, and will answer
questions following each film.

Technically and aesthetically these films are among the most brilliantly
innovative works in the history of the cinema. But they are really not so
much "works of art" as subversive provocations. Passage is an
"anti-documentary" on the adventures of Debord and his friends in the
bohemian underworld of 1950s Paris. Critique of Separation is an attack on
the global "commodity-spectacle system", and at the same time a critique of
the cinematic medium insofar as it is an expression of that system. Howls
for Sade
is in a class by itself, and will be shown in an abridged form for
reasons that will become evident.

Ken Knabb's translations, which he was asked to make by Debord's widow
Alice, are also available in the book Complete Cinematic Works of Guy Debord
(AK Press, 2003). For information on ATA's programming, visit www.atasite.org.