Inside of Inside

Installation and Event Series
January 9-February 7
Opening Reception: Friday, January 9, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays-Saturdays, 1-6 PM
(extended hours on Thursdays, 6-7 PM and by appointment)

The LAB and local artist and curatorial collective, The Big Ballyhoo, invite you to attend the groundbreaking exhibit Inside of Inside. In this historic show, the work of over 70 women artists from around the US as well as Italy and Canada will be exhibited to celebrate, challenge and dissect the reflexive relationship of art and the home. By featuring Inside of Inside in our celebratory 20th Anniversary programming and providing The Big Ballyhoo collective with a month-long residency to install the work, The LAB revisits a long history of support for women artists and their collaborations.
In the curatorial process, The Big Ballyhoo placed a call for entries to women artists ranging from closeted crafters to professionals with the intent of creating a dialogue about the notion of home. The response was overwhelming and the resulting culmination extraordinary. Out of the pieces made by the seventy selected women artists, the space at The LAB is transformed into a home conceived as one collaborative piece. Viewers walking through the house created for Inside of Inside will interact with many diverse voices and visions. Exile, imprisonment, environment, homelessness, ancestry, health, body image, war, and urban landscapes are some of the many interrelated themes presented. A prison cell created in collaboration with incarcerated women offers one view of home while an indoor landscape offers another. Viewers are invited to discover a teenage desk, snoop through laundry, read books and view films while knitting in an old armchair. Miniature rooms create opportunities for close observation while life size objects will surprise viewers once magnified.

The Big Ballyhoo is a feminist artist collective that began in 2001, inspired by the belief that art is a powerful tool in shaping dominant ideology and stimulating social change. Members of The Big Ballyhoo are Gracie Bucciarelli, Mary DeNardo, Kristen Dilley, Dusty Lombardo, Lisa Maurine, Corinna Press and Lena Wolff.

images by Lisa Maurine

Featured Artists:

Robin Akimbo Courtney Dailey Sara Jaffe Rachel McLean Emily Roysdon
Becca Albee Mary DeNardo Marisa Jahn Bernadine Mellis Maria Ruggeri
Erin Algeo Kristin Dilley Xylor Jane Dori Midnight Charlene Rule
Angus Ann Allgeier Mary Laird Kirsten Johnson Emily Miller Sara Seinberg
Corina Bilandzija Rebecca McBride Stanya Kahn Shelley Miller Shanna Smith
Alexandra Blum Lisa Maurine Sahar Khoury Toni Mirosevich Michelle Snyder
Daphne Boggeri Alicia McCarthy Karen Kirchoff Amy Moon Judith Stahl
Betsy Boyle Ivy McClelland Stormy Knight Tomoko Nakazato Miriam Klein Stahl
Julianna Bright Rachel McLean Kristi Knittle Signe Mai O Lissa Ivy Teagel
Gracie Bucciarelli Harry Dodge Rebecca Lee Megan Perry Shoshana Von Blankensee
Tammy Rae Carland Marina Eckler Dusty Lombardo Heather Pont Dina Weiss
Allison Carr Roma Estevez Sacha MacBride Leila Pourtavat Muffie White
Gail Carr Jackie Gratz Sacha Marini Corinna Press Lena Wolff
Leidy Churchman Susan Greene Lisa Maurine Nicole Repack Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough
Cheryl Coon Jenny Hart Alicia McCarthy Riley Richard Simone Yeduda
Sarajolta Jane Cump Cassie Holman Ivy McClelland Isis Rodriguez Therin Youngblood
        Margaret Zachara



Inside of Inside: Live Events
Thursdays, January 15, 22, 29 and February 5
@ Theater Rhinoceros and The LAB

2926 16th Street, San Francisco (next door to The LAB)
All events begin at 7 PM
$5-10 Sliding Scale Admission

The month-long exhibition, Inside of Inside, will coincide with four live events featuring feminist artists, writers, art historians and contemporary filmmakers. The first three events will take place on Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM at Theater Rhinoceros, with the last event held at The LAB.

Thursday, January 15
Ariella Ben-Dov of the MadCat International Women’s Film Festival will curate an evening of films. MadCat is a highly acclaimed international festival that exhibits independent and experimental films and videos directed by women from around the globe. Ariella Ben-Dov will emphasize work that is inventive and visionary and challenges our typical notions of home.

A selection of • animated • experimental •  and narrative films and videos from Korea • the UK • Canada • and the US.
Lisa Yu uses jello, clay and human hair to manufacture a domestic space gone awry in VESSEL WRESTLING. IRON MOUNTAIN (Jong Lim Ro) depicts a woman  who lives with her lover and child trying to find peace and beauty in a violent relationship. Louise Bourque’s JUST WORDS was called a “10 minute tour de force” by Toronto’s Globe and Mail. Using Beckett’s Not I this shocking gift incorporates optically printed home movie footage and an eerily slick close-up of a woman’s mouth as she rants at lightening speed words about home, family and the confines and alienation associated with being a woman. LOLO FERRARI (Hope Tucker) transforms an obituary from a list of public accomplishments to a revelation of Lolo’s most private moments. Plus films by Paula Froehle, Cade Bursell and Pearce Williams.
For info: 415 436-9523,

See a list of films showing...

Thursday, January 22
Ballyhoo member and Bay Area writer Mary DeNardo will host an evening of readings by local writers Toni Mirosevich, Laura Walker and Tsering Wangmo Dhompa. Their diverse works locate the concept of home and the spaces that surround it.

Thursday, January 29
Activist Susan Greene presents collaborative community-arts work in the occupied territories of Palestine. The evening will include a slide show and presentation of her work as well as a panel of four additional artists exploring the terrain of exile and home.

Thursday, February 5 (@The LAB)

Local photographer and videographer Tammy Rae Carland will conclude the event series by facilitating an artists’ talk with Inside of Inside participating artists. The discussion will take place inside the exhibit allowing for a dialogue with and about participating artists and their work.

The LAB presents
Sound Rewound: Celebrating 20 Years of Sound Art
February 13, 18, 21, 25 & 28; all performances begin at 8 PM
$10-25 Sliding Scale Admission
(those paying $20 or more receive a free 20th anniversary CD along with their admission!)

at The LAB, 2948 16th Street @ Capp, San Francisco
for information and reservations: (415) 864-8855
Join the celebrated composer/musician Beth Custer to mark the release of our 20th anniversary compilation CD, produced as part of her Meet The Composer residency with The LAB. Throughout our history, from 100% Concentrated Music to the New Music Series to Sound Unwound, The LAB has championed music and sound art that pushes boundaries and plays with fire (sometimes literally.) Beth has invited a dazzling array of LAB alumni to perform over five unique evenings.

CD Release Benefit:
Friday, February 13

Toychestra will present new material as well as re-worked selections from the Concerto for Guitar and Toy Orchestra written by local composer/musician Dan Plonsey, which they originally performed with Fred Frith last May. The gals are gearing up for their concert at Cite de la Musique's Musique et Jouets festival in Paris and accompanying French tour. John Bischoff will perform Local Color, which combines computer-triggered bells, gliding noise, and tonal clusters. The performer initiates each element, inserts additional events, and triggers repetition along with occasional deflections in tuning. Barbara Golden is a multi-media artist dividing her time between SF and Quebec. Her bands include Gamelan Sekar Jaya, WIGband, & She also hosts Crack o Dawn, contemporary music show on radio KPFA. Cheryl Leonard will perform an excerpt from Instruments in Trees, a work for arboreal materials and strings. Composer Bob Davis will play the banjo. Kattt Sammon will perform two pieces, Untitled 2003—an electronic instrumental tone transport (collaboration with Kenneth Atchley) and In the Breeze: a pretty song with a delicate balance of verse & gibberish. Vocalist Laurie Amat will perform a special event-specific piece for The LAB - Time-History, Possession and Decision of Release, Sounding and Acoustic Solo Improvisation. Additional performances by composer/musicians Bob Davis, Guillermo Galindo, and Kathy Kennedy will also be featured.

Wednesday, February 18
Minnie Pearl Necklace,
featuring vocals by Rodney O’Neal Austin
Bob Davis
Kraig Grady
Cheryl Leonard

Minnie Pearl Necklace will feature Rodney O'Neal Austin channeling the voices from vintage victrolas and jukeboxes as he sings a medley of tunes from the 1920s to the 1970s. Steven Merritt will accompany him on guitar, ukelele and mandolin. Kraig Grady will be performing on a vibraphone microtonally retuned to an Indonesian style of tuning called Meta-Slendro. Performances on this instrument result in special beating patterns that exploit the acoustics of the performance space, often creating the illusion of sound occurring from different directions. Cheryl Leonard will premiere Light Put Carefully, a semi-composed/semi-improvised piece for three players on glass instruments (window panes, lamp covers, and wine glasses) and strings. This work draws its inspiration from phenomena in the sky, especially cloud formations and light-related curiosities such as halos, coronas, glories and sun pillars. Light Put Carefully features extended string techniques, a diverse repertoire of sounds from glass, microtonality, and beating patterns as fundamental elements of the composition. Performers include Tim Blue & A.L. Dentel. Bob Davis will be performing songs and poems with acoustic accompaniment, mostly banjos and guitar. He will play excerpts from his solo show BANJO and the premiere of a song called SHOW DOG.

Saturday, February 21
Mutilated Mannequins,
featuring vocals by Reginald Lamar,
piano by Mannequin
Sharpe, and chainsaws by Mannequin Loki
Kenneth Atchley
Blevin Blectum
Randy Nordschow

Mutilated Mannequins, a band featuring vocals by the charismatic, operatic singer Reginald Lamar, will perform. Kenneth Atchley will present de Quincy Levitation, a work that languors impassively at the intersection of installation, opera, memorial, and sound art. Guilt-ridden opium reveries, Industrial Revolution and Industrial Exclusion, a household built around eight-hour pastorales of tea, reading, and dreams are compressed and magnified into a static stream of flattened space where reference and surface coexist impenetrably. Vocals are provided by Kattt Sammon and Dean Santomieri. Blevin Blectum presents Keeki's Beak, an audio/video work. Seeing a parrot in your dream represents gossip. A message is being conveyed to you. It may also mean that you or someone is being repetitive. An object-oriented language mixes imperative and constraint-oriented features. Randy Nordschow presents Jammin' for Jesus. Rather than coping with his unhealthy obsession with televangelist Peter Popoff, Nordschow heals your spirit by converting sounds of late-night infomercials into a sublime chaos worthy of a Pentecostal revival. Armed with a vial of miracle spring water from Russia, a TV, telephone, and a mass of electronic gadgetry, Nordschow will riff on righteousness, groove the godly, and break it down for the born-again. Speaking in tongues is highly encouraged.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Donald Swearingen
Pamela Z
F-Space featuring Scot Jenerik, Aleph Kali, and Ethan Port

Pamela Z will perform solo works for voice, electronics and video. She will also join Donald Swearingen for improvised duets for voice, electronics, and sensor-based instruments. Donald Swearingen performs new electronic sound works utilizing an array of sensor-based control devices connected to a laptop computer. Swearingen has been involved for the last ten years in the design and construction of new and innovative musical instruments oriented to the unique environment of electronic music performance. F-Space (Scot Jenerik, Aleph Kali, Ethan Port), is an extreme experimental pyro-industrial art-punk rock-band project by founders Scot Jenerik ( and Ethan Port (Savage Republic), with Aleph Kali (Chrome) drumming with the ferocity of a runaway locomotive. The result conjures an apocalyptic, feral, destructive trance state implying a catastrophic act of nature, a march through the desert on the path to war, or an offender's mental state during a crime of passion. This particular F-SPACE performance promises to be more noise-based than usual.

Saturday, February 28, 2004
The Empire Ultra
The Empire Ultra is an event that brings together performance, sound, video and social critique from Bay Area artists to strain out the juicy toxins of living in the empire. Terror and wild humor are the essential tone of contemporary America during these horrific and ridiculous times. This performance includes Fuzzy Bunny (Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Tim Perkis) in a software-based musical improvisation; Wigband (Johanna Poethig & Barbara Golden), Guillermo Galindo & Paula Cekola, Laetitia Sonami, and the Barrionics (Anne Perez, Johanna Poethig, Michael Trigilio, Gustavo Vazquez & Rico Reyes). The installation includes live radio transmissions by Brown and Galindo, video projection mix by VJ Love, costume, lights and stuffed animals. This performance will build upon The Post-Glamour Summit 2002 as the artists continue to explore the current state of affairs of corporate colonization through musical improvisation, video and performance.

Beth Custer's residency with The LAB, Joe Goode Performance Group and TILT (Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools) is made possible by Meet The Composer, Inc. and its New Residencies program. Funding for New Residencies was provided by The Pew Charitable Trusts with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts and other generous supporters.

››View list of Auction and Fixed Price Artists
››View images and details of auction items

Can this be more lame?

Left Coast Chamber Ensemble
Saturday, April 3, 8 PM
$10-15 Sliding Scale Admission

LAB composer-in-residence Beth Custer hosts members of the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble to celebrate the world premiere of her Bernal Heights Suite for String Quartet. In an alternative to our usual alternative, this evening will offer an opportunity to hear one of the Bay Area’s premier chamber ensembles perform in the intimate, informal and acoustically dramatic environment of The LAB’s space. Bernal Heights Suite for String Quartet is comprised of many short movements that reflect an area of San Francisco where Beth Custer has lived and worked for over a decade. Movements like Lundy’s Lane and The General of Godeus and Cafe Abo R.I.P. give musical homage to people and areas of Bernal Heights that have influenced her life in the last decade. Gyorgy Ligeti’s String Quartet No. 1 “Metamorphoses nocturnes”, written in Budapest in 1953-54, is also on the program. Its first performance was given in Vienna in 1958, two years after he fled Hungary. The quartet looks to Bartok and Beethoven for inspiration. While the melodies and harmonies revel in chromaticism, the form follows in classic tradition. The music is full of Ligeti’s ear for color, rhythmic verve and wicked humor. Members of the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble performing at The LAB include Anna Presler and Phyllis Kamrin, violins; Kurt Rohde, viola; and Leighton Fong, cello. Beth Custer’s residency with The LAB is made possible by Meet The Composer, Inc. and its New Residencies program. Funding for New Residencies was provided by The Pew Charitable Trusts with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts and other generous supporters.


Friday, April 9, 7 PM-Midnight
$5-10 Sliding Scale Admission

Prophets are rarely celebrated in their own town, but finally San Francisco is hosting a 25th Anniversary Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) Celebration, sponsored by RE/Search Publications and The LAB. This is the first comprehensive Survival Research Laboratories historical retrospective in San Francisco. 2500 linear feet of enormous, beautiful photographic blowups, plus poster art, will document every SRL performance to date, all over the world. Rare videos will play, there will be a Q&A panel, machines will be present, and there may even be a "surprise event" from SRL...

Some background: About 25 years ago Survival Research Laboratories pioneered violent, uncensored, large-scale machine performances (well before "Robot Wars"). SRL shows display a war of ideas involving the challenging of clichés and outmoded perceptions and beliefs. Iconography (often site-specific) in the form of large-scale dazzling graphic images, buildings, hand-crafted sculptures and other "props" may be burned to death, shot, ripped apart by claws, or otherwise "critiqued."

The SRL 25th Anniversary party will offer a rare opportunity to engage with SRL artists, including founder Mark Pauline. Beginning the evening, San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez will conduct a rare live interview with Mark Pauline, A Dialogue On Bay Area Cutting-Edge Performance Art & Social Change, moderated by RE/Search Publications founder V. Vale. Also included in the evening will be a very special "live" surround video projection of SRL’s recent U.C. Berkeley Art Museum Outdoor Performance, Nov 12, 2003 (by Scott Beale, Marian Wallace, and others). The evening will end with a performance by The Extra Action Marching Band.

Other surprises are still being planned. SRL will make available posters, videos, T-shirts and other impossible-to-find rarities. Admission includes a $5 discount coupon good toward the purchase of a RE/Search PRANKS! book, which contains a lengthy interview with Mark Pauline.

Also check and for more details.

Drum Machine Museum Presents
Whitebox VIP Lounge Act XII

Double Header real-time documentary live show curated by Mickey T
Electro Brain: Kenji Williams (audio)+Spot (visuals)
Spectacular Perspective: Joan Jeanrenaud&DJ Vordo (audio)+
Scott Pagano (visuals)

Installation by Maribeth Back & Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum
Wednesday, April 14, 7-11 PM
$7-15 Sliding Scale Admission

Whitebox VIP Lounge: ACT XII is the opening performance of Drum Machine Museum's third year of Whitebox VIP Lounge live documentaries. This show will feature cellist Joan Jeanrenaud (Kronos Quartet) and DJ Vordo on their electronic set with computer video artist Scott Pagano as well as violinist Kenji Williams collaborating with computer video artist Spot. The event will also introduce interactive installations by Maribeth Back and Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum. There will also be retrospectives of the history of Whitebox VIP Lounge and its parent organization, Drum Machine Museum.Whitebox VIP Lounge uses realtime production techniques to create unique, contemporary real-time documentaries of technologically oriented performers. As audio and visual artists collaborate onstage, their work is captured by a team of videographers. This media is mixed and projected during the show, functioning both as a reference to the collaboration being documented and as a performance in its own right. More information on Whitebox VIP Lounge and Drum Machine Museum can be found at:

Featured Artists:
Didi Dunphy | Amy Franceschini | Nick Philip | Rex Ray | Donna Schumacher | Wayne Smith | Eefje Theeuws | Bruce Tomb | Kim Weller

2004 AD, an exhibition co-curated by Rex Ray and Allegra Fortunati as part of The LAB’s 20th anniversary season programming, is about the line or blur between art and design and asks the following questions: What are the differences and similarities between art and design, particularly around aesthetic issues? How does work in fine art inform design work and vice versa? What challenges and opportunities exist for those working on both tracks? Is it a workable combination or a livable life?

Rethinking Art & Design: A Livable Life?
An Artist/Designer Forum
Wednesday, May 5, 7 PM
$5-7 Sliding Scale Admission

A discussion featuring 2004 AD artists addressing the work practices, aesthetics and concerns of artists working to both earn a living and succeed in the fine arts. Art patrons, artists and designers are encouraged to come and participate in the dialogue.
2004 AD is made possible in part by a generous grant from the LEF Foundation.

Bob Davis & Laurie Amat
Thursday, May 20, 8 PM
$7-15 Sliding Scale Admission

LAB veterans Laurie Amat and Bob Davis present a special evening of music and spoken word. Laurie and Bob will perform new works channeling such cultural luminaries as Samuel Beckett, Werner Heisenberg and James Dickey, create site-specific pieces reflecting the work exhibited in 2004 AD, and sing a few favorite songs from each of their repertoires with the assistance of special guests, pianist J. Raoul Brody, guitarist “The Reverend Screaming Fingers” (Lucio Menegon), and vocalist Cynthia Weyuker.

Mission Creek Music Festival
Wednesday, May 26, 8 PM
$7-15 Sliding Scale Admission

The LAB will host an opening night party for The 8th Annual Mission Creek Music Fest 2004, featuring special musical guests, deejays and Bay Area performers representing the best of local music and art scene. Go to for more details.

Instruments In Trees
Cheryl E. Leonard

plus Loren Chasse performing solo
Thursday, May 27, 8 PM
$7-15 Sliding Scale Admission

Cheryl E. Leonard is a composer, performer, and improviser of music and interdisciplinary works. Her ne w work, Instruments in Trees, is a semi-composed/semi-improvised work for arboreal materials and upside-down string quartet (two cellos, viola, and violin). Sticks, twigs, leaves, needles, pinecones, bark, and lichen are cultivated as sound sources in a performance that investigates cycles and processes inherent to trees. These materials are used raw, to prepare the strings, and in the creation/assemblage of new instruments such as the Long Twig, Driftwood Pipe Organ, Pine Cone Xylophone, Eucalyptus Curtains, and Autumn Bonsais. Throughout the work there is a special emphasis on exploring very quiet phenomena and the subtle intricacies of sounds not usually considered musical. Performers will include: Tim Blue - arboreal materials and violin; A.L. Dentel - arboreal materials and cello; Patty Liu -arboreal materials, violin and cello; Cheryl E. Leonard - arboreal materials and viola. For pictures and sounds from the tree instruments check out:

Loren Chasse is a sound artist and educator living in San Francisco whose concern in both fields is with the individual experiences of the listener. As Director of Education for sound arts organization 23five Inc. and a teacher in the San Francisco public schools, Chasse has been developing curricula and teaching programs that introduce children to the means (conceptual, poetic, and technological) for actively and imaginatively listening--where sound may become a material for catalysing literary, social, scientific and artistic practices. In Chasse's recorded work, performances and installations, he begins with a treatment of a site and its inherent sounds as an instrument, using microphones as tools for composition. By engaging an entire performance space as a field, Chasse demonstrates the physicality of the gestures used to induce, record and recontextualize sound, often performing within intimate proximity to each listener’s ears. In addition to his solo work, Loren Chasse collaborates in the projects Coelacanth, Thuja, the Blithe Sons and the Child Readers, as well as with various artists on his own Jewelled Antler record label. Currently, he is editing a book regarding the history and practice of field recording in sound art.

Only Two Nights Remaining!
Technu-Topia Malfunction
Featuring Praba Pilar's "Computers Are A Girl's Best Friend" and Rene Garcia's "91Buy1"
Fridays and Saturdays, June 11, 12, 18 and 19 at 8 PM
Admission: $7 to $15 sliding scale

The LAB presents two new solo performances in Technu-Topia Malfunction, an evening of interrelated works using musical theatre, performance, video assemblage, video projections, conceptual movement, and commercial advertisements to create a poly-media performative event.

Praba Pilar - Computers Are A Girl's Best Friend

Praba Pilar will premiere Computers Are A Girl's Best Friend, a ribald exploration of the contradictions that exist between the hyperbolic rhetoric of the computer industry and the dreadfully real effects on the lives of women. This piece will counter the sexiness of the computer industry by disrobing the truth of the exportation of toxic electronic waste to Asia; the trafficking of women online, the globalization of maternal love, telesexuality, Real Dolls and other extraordinary effects of the computer revolution on the female subject. Sneak previews of the lack of women's participation and representation in mainstream media, the sexist portrayal of women in the media, and women's disadvantaged access to new communication technologies will be featured. Appropriating the De Beers Diamond Company's marketing strategy of producing the 1953 musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and launching the theme song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", Computers Are A Girl's Best Friend introduces the glamorous Techno-Chicana 'La Digital Diva' to transpose the lyrics and dance routine to the new hit. The performance will feature ribald musical theatre interspersed with monologues, audio of interviews with feminist cyber theorists Anne Balsamo and Paulina Borsook, and video montages.

René Garcia - 91BUY1

Performance artist René Garcia will premiere 91BUY1, using September 11, 2001 as the point of departure. On September 11, 2001 ("911") in New York City, two events took place: the deaths of thousands and the launch of a new brand name: Homeland Security. With the help of the National Security Agency and the Pentagon, the Bush-Cheney administration took advantage of 911 to launch an international marketing campaign of its new product: Terrorism. Under Homeland Security terrorism has become a financially lucrative global export. Investigating terrorism as a global commodity selling fear for profit, the piece will include advertisements for Terrifying Tours, an adventure expedition company modeling itself on the politically conscious Global Exchange. Using the slogan "True Terror Tours: Terror Around the Globe Around the Clock", Terrifying Tours offers guests hands-on experiences of a lifetime. Adventurous travelers can choose from a list of global terrorist hot spots including Sadam Hussein's "spider hole", Osama Bin Laden's last known cave hide out and bus rides through Tel Aviv. Mr. Garcia will unveil the secretive guerilla movement "Axes of Evil", with their icon of crisscrossed axes and armed with axes and a plan. They intend to push global warming into hyper-mode by decimating forests "one tree at a time". Join this bold venture into the commodified world of terror.


Praba Pilar is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works range from performance and site-specific installations to public art and websites. Through her artwork, Praba has worked to incite critical dialogue around the relationships between technology, capitalism, authority and civil society. She is a founding member of Los Cybrids: La Raza Techno-Critica; her collaborative and solo work has been presented at The LAB, SFMOMA, LA Museum of Contemporary Art, and universities nationally. She is the recipient of a Puffin Foundation Award, Creative Capital Award, Zellerbach Family Fund Award, Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize, and Creative Work Fund.

René Garcia is a Mexican born in California utilizing multiple mediums to delve into the expanding fascination of electronic and digital technologies. Through the use of performance, video, digital imaging, still photography and installations he explores the merging and enmeshing of consumer, military and private research technologies which are creating new biological and non-biological forms. He is a founding member of Los Cybrids: La Raza Techno-Critica, and has presented work at Los Angeles MOCA, SFMOMA, SOMArts, , and The LAB. He is a recipient of a Creative Capital Award, Zellerbach Family Fund Award, the Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize, the Creative Work Fund, and a Market Street Art in Transit commission from the SF Art Commission.

Pepular Music Presents:
Friday and Saturday, June 25-26
Doors at 8 PM, Show at 8:30 PM
Admission: $7 to $15 sliding scale
Peppepalooza! postcard image

San Francisco science fiction performance artist Michael Peppe -- writer, musician, vocalist, comedian -- and a dozen-plus genius collaborators invite you to help him celebrate 25 years of performance, music and video: two different action-packed evenings of new and used works in a cavalcade of idioms, genres and styles. Fun for the whole post-nuclear family.

Each evening will commence with a series of solo performance pieces and monologues by Michael Peppe, including his rare ?Apocalypse? monologue, followed by a retrospective of Doug Wellman?s videos of Peppe?s performances from the 1990s and the world premiere of a new collaborative video project by Wellman (aka Puzzling Evidence) and Michael Peppe. Historic performance documentation by numerous videographers, including Laughing Squid?s Scott Beale, will be played during the intermission.

The second half of each evening will feature sets by two Peppe-fronted bands, The Id and The It. Celebrating its first anniversary, The Id includes Michael Peppe on vocals, guitarist Kevin Moore (Zen Continuum, The Serfs), drummer Geoff Pond (The Serfs, Subterranean Shakespeare), and pioneer of Berkeley?s Free Speech Movement, Michael Rossman, on flute. The It will make its debut at Peppepalooza, and features Michael Peppe on vocals, LX Rudis (Drum Machine Museum) on electronics, Dr. Oblivious (Frank Moore?s Cherotic Orchestra) on electronics, and instrument builder Walter Funk. The evening will conclude with a Sub Genius Papal Summit, a panel discussion with Michael Peppe, Puzzling Evidence, Hal Robbins (aka Dr. Howland Owll of the Odeon?s Ask Dr. Hal), and Dr. Philo Drummond, co-founder of the Church of the Sub Genius.

Come celebrate innovative poetry at the third installment of
12 noon - 4pm

Stefani Barber, Laynie Brown, Mary Burger, Del Ray Cross, Steve Dickison, Robert Gluck, Yedda Morrison, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Cynthia Sailers
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Opal Palmer Adisa, Dodie Bellamy, Gillian Conoley, Patricia Dientsfrey, Edward Foster, Kathleen Fraser, Leslie Scalapino

In the Foyer Gallery:

After the Renaissance
A solo exhibit of works by Sacha Eckes
On view June 11 - July 31, 2004
Opening reception Thursday, June 17, 6-9 PM
Gallery hours through June 26: Fridays and Saturdays, 4-8 PM
And by appointment through July 31
Free Admission
Belgian artist Sacha Eckes - Red

After a 2-year residency in Detroit, Belgian artist Sacha Eckes is back in the Bay Area. On exhibit in The Foyer at The LAB is a body of work of which the majority was produced in the Motor City. After having lost most of her possessions and paintings to a fire in the Mission District in 2001, Sacha moved to Detroit and started over. She related to the burnt out and abandoned buildings but primarily to a sense of opportunity. "Detroit Renaissance" is the term people use to describe the long awaited rebirth of the city.

In Detroit one fortuitous event after another shaped Sacha's work and facilitated her survival. Her sense of hope was restored and renewed and her abiding trust in the elements of accident and chance was reinforced.

While in Detroit, in an isolated, vast and somewhat grim setting, Sacha moved towards greater degrees of abstraction. She uses abstractions of the human figure and common objects to get to the essences and symbolize the complex distortions that occur in everyday communication but which can't be depicted in a literal manner.

In keeping with her preoccupation with the communication process, Sacha's paintings function as psychological projections of the issues she's working through at the time -i.e., her sense of isolation and rejection and longings for a sense of belonging and home. There's also a social commentary - in the sense that she wants to provide a vehicle for others to receive comfort and empowerment rooted in knowing that others share the same grievances in life and society.

Sacha has shown at The Luggage Store Gallery, The LAB, New Langton Arts, 111 Minna Street Gallery and Culture Cache Gallery in SF, New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CPoP Gallery and Tangent Gallery in Detroit. She has also curated numerous art shows in the Bay Area and recently curated The Bay Area Show, an exhibit of over 50 Bay Area artists. The Bay Area Show opened in Detroit in April 2004.


A performance benefit for The LAB's artist-in-residence program
Friday, August 13
7:00 to 10:00 PM
Admission: $5 to $10 sliding scale

On Friday, August 13 The LAB hosts a benefit event to help fund our annual Artist in Residence program. The entry fee will get you live music by the extraordinary one-man wall of sound EZEE-TIGER accompanied by hula dancers. The night's program will also feature an array of criminally affordable art multiples by Xylor Jane and Jeff Kao (upcoming artists in residence whose show, BLUE MAX, opens September 11) and will feature the debut of masochist-performance artist All-Pro Phil Axis as he invites you to vent your frustrations at a world gone mad.

Silencing your inner critic. Someone has what I want.

The quiet desperation felt by a self-reflective strata of individuals linked by their commitment to free thought and artistic endeavor will be set aside for one shining hour. These noble thinkers will be given a secure and safe environment in which to indulge their most base instincts and pummel a fully girded and eager bogey man.

Profile: Brad Edgar is a successful bay area businessman. Educated as an engineer while attending UC-Berkeley on a football scholarship, Brad has managed to live an intensely fulfilling existence. Inspired by his reverence for the natural environment, he has used his tools as an engineer and inventor to design and manufacture a catalytic converter for use on large-scale diesel engines. His company was recently awarded a contract to retrofit 1700 San Francisco city buses. This undertaking will effectively reduce emissions of ozone creating pollutants and other related toxins. He lives with his wife Anke and their two year-old son Jackson in San Leandro. Brad is a mild-mannered, modest man who feels an overwhelming sense of contentment and peace of mind.

And yet...

On August 13 at The LAB, Brad will don a custom-fabricated foam suit of body-armor. Attendees of THE 01 THE ONLY will be able to buy 1-minute intervals during which they will be allowed to do what they wish to Brad.