Saturday December 11, 8pm

An evening celebrating the release of Pamela Z's long awaited solo CD on Starkland.


After years of promising, Pamela Z's long awaited CD is finally out! As they say in fortune cookie fortune-writing circles: "A delay is better than a disaster".

To launch the new release, Pamela and some of her musical friends are assembling at The LAB on December 11 to help her celebrate by performing a series of short compositions, improvisations, and covers or send-ups of works from her new CD. The line-up includes:

Beth Custer
Kinji Hayashi
Barbara Imhoff
Carla Kihlstedt
Amy X Neuburg
Julie Queen
Donald Swearingen
Pamela Z

They will perform together and separately in various combinations. Many works from the CD, as well as other works by Pamela and the above listed stellar cast of Z Program characters, will be performed live. Also, there will be fabulous prizes, CD giveaways, and free fortune cookies for all!

Admission: $10 CD: $15
$20 Special Offer includes CD plus admission!