Between Heaven and Earth: an evening of electronic music

Thursday, December 9, Doors at 8 PM
$5-$15 sliding scale admission

Within Complex Ion's Hyper Mechanism installation, The LAB presents an evening of experimental sounds by The Life On Earth and Roddy Schrock. The Life On Earth is the brainchild of Ben Tuttle, a San Francisco multi-instrumentalist. Like Mice Parade, Tortoise, or Squarepusher, The Life On Earth builds ambient soundscapes around thick, percussive grooves littered with jazzy vibes and assorted tape effects. Electronic effects, filters and assorted samples buzz in and out of songs, lending a mysterious edge. The live show features the ingenious Tim Frick on the electric bass and the prolific Ryan Francesconi on laptop and processed guitar.

Roddy Schrock is an experimental sound artist who digitally mines the sounds of the everyday for the profound and the glitzy, rough edges of pop music for its articulate immediacy. He has lived and worked in Tokyo, Rotterdam, New York, and San Francisco, with performances in the Czech Republic, Holland, Japan, and North America. In this live performance of "Seconds of Salvation," a collaboration with Parisian video designer Remi Gerard-Marchant, Shrock finds the underlying essence of musical redemption in various songs about hope and higher powers from different cultures and ideologies by first hacking those tunes to microscopic bleeps, next rearranging the shards, then fusing them into a new inorganic whole and finally realigning the synthetic and the natural. If that doesn't happen, it'll be really nifty anyway.

This program is co-curated by The LAB's composer-in-residence Beth Custer and sponsored by Meet The Composer's New Residencies program. Funding for New Residencies was provided by The Pew Charitable Trusts with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts and other generous supporters.