Hyper Mechanism

November 18 — December 18
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 18, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays-Saturdays, 1-6 PM
Closed for Thanksgiving November 25-26

Complex Ion image Since 2001, Joyce Hsu, Liz Miller, Chris Novak, Chen Ju Pan and Inam Yong have collaborated as the collective Complex Ion. A complex ion is made up of a metallic atom or ion as well as electron-donating molecules. Much like its scientific counterpart, the Complex Ion artists work separately toward the united goal of re-examining the current state of our world through the investigations inherent in their artistic process. In Hyper Mechanism, they seek to examine the emotional and scientific patterns evidenced in the heightened response to a given stimuli, such as the human self-defense mechanism. These patterns, or involuntary responses, represent common threads that run through the exhibition. As five artists among billions, they are constantly responding to both external stimuli and internal conflicts, despite their diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Hyper Mechanism proposes a reinterpretation of art and its relationship with the gallery: the artists use the exhibition venue as a metaphorical showcase for their reactions, and the art making process as a way of responding to those reactions. Ironically, the struggle and process of capturing those reactions may still be inadequately represented, especially where the intricate link between themselves and the world is concerned.

Artists Talk with Complex Ion and Gabrielle Thormann
December 16, 7-8 PM

Come for an informal presentation and discussion with The LAB's exhibiting artists in the context of their latest work. Meet the members of Complex Ion and Gabrielle Thormann. Q & A will follow.