Friday, April 8, 2005
LiSa X and junXion v2 demo at 6 PM; Pamela Z and STEIM 8 PM

STEIM Michel Waisvisz and Robert van Heumen of STEIM will offer a free demonstration of LiSa X, STEIM's software that enables users to extensively control live-sampled and pre-recorded sounds, and junXion, which maps Human Interface Devices such as joysticks to midi. Both software packages are used by musicians, choreographers, performers, installation artists and composers. There will be a Q&A following the demo for those with specific inquiries.

Pamela Z is a SF-based composer/performer who works primarily with voice, live electronic processing, sampling technology and video. In this performance she will use Max MSP patches to process her voice, and also use her live voice to trigger samples through a Max MSP pitch-to-MIDI controller and with gestures via the BodySynth. Michel Waisvisz, Joel Ryan and Robert van Heumen from STEIM/Amsterdam will team up with longtime STEIM collaborator Laetitia Sonami and SF resident Roddy Schrock to present an evening of electro-instrumental improvised music. Expect different duo/trio combinations of Michel's instrument The Hands, Laetitia's Lady's Glove, Robert's Sexy Controllers, and Roddy's SuperCollider wizardry all guided by Joel Ryan behind the mixing desk.