Thursday, June 16, 8 PM

Music and artwork by Carolyn Ryder Cooley with Lena Wolff, Kasaia Luckel, Corner Tour and mystery guests

$5-$15 sliding scale

On this rare and mystical night allow yourself to be transported to a far away place where zebras, ostriches and other divine beasts populate a terrain of art works created by C. Ryder Cooley and Lena Wolff. Here it is rumored that a small band of musically inclined creatures gather by moonlight to serenade the great zebra gods and to narrate their tales of love, terror and woe. Join these zebra followers as they lead you through a circus of musical and visual phenomena depicting dancing spiders, train wreckage, pool parlors, vacant schoolyards and enchanted zebra forests. Corner Tour features Alicia McCarthy, Stormy Knight, Elaine Buckholtz, and C. Ryder Cooley playing their indescribable blend of horns, guitar, banjo, accordion, and vocals. Acrobatics and other visual phenomena will be on view courtesy of Kasaia Luckel and friends.

The Zebra Show: a very special art sale

Friday, June 17- Saturday, June 18, 1-6 PM - Reception: Friday, June 17, 6-9 PM
Carolyn Ryder Cooley is emptying her closets of artwork and releasing them into the world! Lena Wolff will be joining in this very special once-in-a-lifetime art sale. Together they will be raising money to finish their mural in Clarion Alley and embark upon future collaborations.